Correspondence Schools The Big Secret In Homeschooling

Correspondence Schools The Big Secret In Homeschooling

Why Homeschoolers are Turning to​ Distance Learning and Correspondence Schools

While correspondence schools used to​ be considered strictly post high school,​ the​ homeschooling movement has brought the​ market to​ students of​ all grade levels. Whether you are new to​ homeschooling,​ looking for more structure,​ or​ seeking an​ accredited program,​ a​ distance learning or​ correspondence school can be an​ excellent choice.

Families are turning to​ the​ option of​ a​ distance learning or​ correspondence school because they want higher quality education; they like the​ accountability,​ and they appreciate the​ ease of​ college admissions or​ entering the​ workforce. They appreciate that distance learning and correspondence schools allow you to​ study at​ home to​ get the​ training you need and to​ prepare for the​ future without leaving your front door.

In today's hectic society,​ at-home learning is​ recognized as​ one of​ the​ most convenient methods of​ education. But why turn to​ a​ distance learning or​ correspondence school?

Distance Learning and correspondence schools often provide teacher assistance,​ accredited diplomas,​ curriculum,​ and other opportunities. They remove the​ stress involved with curriculum decisions,​ record keeping,​ state compliance,​ and motivation. Best of​ all,​ you still have the​ freedom to​ choose where you want to​ study. With on-line correspondence classes you can study in​ the​ comfort of​ your own home. With textbook correspondence courses or​ a​ laptop,​ you can anywhere—at home,​ while traveling to​ and from events,​ even while on​ vacation. That's the​ beauty of​ at-home learning—it is​ up to​ you.

Whether a​ child is​ in​ kindergarten or​ 12th grade,​ there are distance learning and correspondence schools that will provide these all-inclusive programs. For instance,​ one such correspondence school designed specifically for homeschoolers is​ Bridgeway Homeschool Academy. Enrolling students from Pre-K to​ 12th grade,​ Bridgeway Academy provides distance learning and correspondence programs for students all over the​ world.

Curriculum is​ delivered to​ the​ home via the​ Internet,​ UPS,​ or​ the​ mail and students work at​ home under the​ direction of​ a​ Bridgeway Academy teacher/advisor. Students receive report cards,​ feedback,​ transcripts,​ and an​ accredited diploma upon graduation from this correspondence school.

Bridgeway Academy also offers college courses through their distance learning correspondence school. Students take courses in​ high school and receive both high school and college credit. Through partnerships with a​ variety of​ colleges who offer correspondence programs,​ Bridgeway is​ way ahead of​ other home school distance learning programs.

Distance learning and correspondence schools can also be an​ excellent starting point for post high-school individuals who are new to​ the​ job market or​ looking to​ enhance their skills. There are many private vocational or​ correspondence schools that train students for a​ variety of​ skilled jobs,​ including automotive technician,​ medical assistant,​ hair stylist,​ interior designer,​ electronics technician,​ paralegal,​ nurse’s assistant,​ truck driver and more. Some schools also help students identify prospective employers and apply for jobs. Check out,​ which offers both on​ site and correspondence training courses to​ adults seeking to​ change or​ further their career.

It is​ no secret . . . distance learning and correspondence homeschool programs are here to​ stay. Homeschoolers who want assistance can find it​ and colleges and universities are teaming up with the​ more reputable schools to​ offer dual enrollment programs (see Bridgeway Academy above). the​ challenge is​ to​ find the​ right distance learning or​ correspondence school for you.

Questions you must ask when selecting a​ distance learning or​ correspondence school:

1. What is​ the​ reputation of​ the​ school?
2. How long has it​ been established?
3. is​ it​ accredited?
4. Do they provide report cards? Transcripts? Diplomas?
5. Do they customize programs to​ each individual student?
6. Are they flexible? Will they allow you to​ determine your own daily schedule?
7. Do they have an​ education website?
8. How many total courses are covered in​ the​ tuition?
9. Do they charge additional fees for curriculum? Teacher services? Testing? Other?
10. How difficult is​ it​ to​ contact the​ school?
11. Do they provide “school pride” activities? (i.e. contests,​ forums,​ blogs,​ etc.?)
12. Do they host a​ graduation ceremony for graduating seniors?

Distance learning and correspondence schools are a​ valuable resource for many homeschooling families. You cannot put a​ value on​ the​ peace of​ mind that comes with the​ knowledge that there is​ a​ school backing you,​ a​ teacher supporting you,​ and an​ organization accrediting you.

If you are a​ current homeschooler or​ individual looking into homeschooling for the​ first time,​ I encourage you to​ look into a​ distance learning or​ correspondence school. They offer expertise,​ understanding of​ the​ current trends in​ homeschooling,​ knowledge of​ the​ various correspondence curriculum choices out there,​ and the​ desire to​ see homeschoolers succeed.

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