Core Golf Workout For A Power Golf Swing

Core Golf Workout For A Power Golf Swing

A core golf workout that produces a​ power golf swing is​ one that focuses on​ rotation. the​ primary movement in​ the​ golf swing is​ rotating your upper body back,​ then rotating it​ through to​ the​ finish. That is​ why it​ is​ critical you implement exercises that involve rotational strength and flexibility

There is​ a​ lot of​ confusion with golfers on​ what to​ focus on​ when trying to​ improve power in​ the​ golf swing. Your power comes from your core. Just like in​ any other sport,​ your core is​ the​ engine to​ the​ swing.

Participating in​ a​ core golf workout for more power in​ your golf swing does not take fancy equipment or​ for that matter a​ lot of​ time. Getting creative with what you have laying around your house or​ even your office will do just fine.

A good example is​ at​ your office. Your sitting in​ your chair in​ front of​ your computer and your back gets stiff. Don’t just let it​ get stiffer,​ do a​ rotational stretch right there on​ the​ spot in​ your chair. Reach around the​ back of​ your chair with one hand,​ and leverage the​ other hand against your thighs to​ rotate as​ far as​ you can. Hold it​ for 10 seconds and go to​ the​ other side.

How simple was that? Try it​ right now as​ you’re reading this article!

That would be considered one exercise for your core golf workout that will improve your power golf swing.

Do this several times a​ day,​ and try to​ rotate farther each time you do it. You’ll notice you can go much farther the​ more you do it.

How about a​ strength exercise for your core?

Get creative. Grab anything you have in​ your home or​ office that you can hold in​ your hands. While sitting or​ standing,​ extend your arms straight out in​ front of​ you and while looking straight ahead,​ rotate with your arms as​ far as​ you can to​ the​ right holding this object. Now rotate to​ the​ left. Do this a​ total of​ 20 times.

You’ll notice you will be able to​ rotate farther and farther after each rotation!

How hard was that? No gym. No fancy equipment. Just a​ can of​ soup,​ or​ even a​ half gallon of​ milk. if​ you’ve got some hand weights gathering dust,​ that’s even better. Try to​ increase your weight as​ time goes on.

Hopefully you’re getting the​ idea of​ what a​ core golf workout is​ that will improve your power golf swing quickly.

As a​ golfer,​ always pay attention to​ the​ physical requirements of​ the​ golf swing. What position your body is​ in. What movement your body goes through. And at​ what rate of​ speed.

When you approach your golf exercise and golf stretching program with this mindset you’re on​ your way to​ a​ power golf swing that will be the​ envy of​ your foursome.

Core Golf Workout For A Power Golf Swing

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