Cool Hair Cuts For Men

Cool Hair Cuts: for​ Men
A hair cut really defines a​ big part of​ your image .​
I​ remember my little brother always strived to​ have the​ coolest hair cut around .​
He would cut and trim down his hair by himself for​ hours in​ the​ bathroom and every time he came out of​ it,​ he had a​ crazy looking hair do and somehow every one liked them .​
These are all the​ styles I​ can remember him of​ having:
• A 6 inch Mohawk
• A Completely shaved head
• Spiky wild hair
• Long hair
• A small Mohawk
• 50/50 hair do
• The Krusty look
• And much much more!
There are countless of​ cool hair cuts,​ and if​ you​ can see I​ even had to​ make up names for​ the​ looks my brother had .​
I​ called the​ 50/50 hair do a​ style that had half of​ the​ head trimmed really short,​ and the​ other half trimmed down not so short .​
But the​ trimming had to​ be done in​ such a​ manner that the​ middle had to​ be longer than the​ rest,​ really complicated do if​ you​ ask me .​
My brother said he would like to​ copy German soccer team player,​ Bastian Schweinsteiger,​ but he's never actually got to​ copy it​ as​ good .​
But the​ coolness of​ a​ hair style really depends on​ the​ image you​ want to​ express .​
For example,​ a​ completely shaved head doesn't suit most people,​ or​ at​ least it​ certainly didn’t work for​ my brother .​
I'd say that the​ classical cool hair cuts for​ men are spiky hair,​ long hair and small Mohawks .​
But there are cool styles for​ different kind of​ men .​
For teenagers the​ above mentioned is​ perfectly good,​ but for​ guys a​ little bit older there are different styles .​
a​ guy that always seems to​ have a​ cool hair do is​ David Beckham,​ so I​ would recommend you​ to​ keep an​ eye out for​ him because he always seems to​ have that good looking hair we​ women love so much! Another famous personality that has always had a​ great hair cut,​ one of​ my favorites,​ is​ James Bond .​
No matter which actor represents him,​ James Bond will always have a​ great looking hair style .​
But no matter who,​ or​ which style you​ choose to​ have,​ a​ cool hair cut style can only look cool if​ it’s the​ right one for​ you​ .​
It all depends on​ your facial shape,​ hair color – which is​ a​ huge factor is​ defining which is​ cool and which is​ not –,​ and confidence .​
An excellent tip is​ to​ bring a​ picture of​ the​ style you​ want to​ your hairdresser and ask him if​ it​ fits your or​ which fits you.
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