Content Or Passion Balance In The Writing Journey

Is it​ better to​ participate in​ content writing or​ write for magazine publication?

The above question is​ actually multifaceted and can help you determine the​ overall thrust of​ your freelance writing career.

It has been estimated that a​ writer will need to​ pen a​ million words before a​ publisher is​ likely to​ accept their first work. That means a​ lot of​ rejection slips.

So,​ does that imply that content writing is​ preferred to​ the​ crafting of​ a​ book or​ magazine article?

Well not exactly. Content writing is​ a​ means of​ addressing a​ short-term need. if​ the​ immediate need is​ cash,​ then content writing might provide the​ answer. However,​ if​ you are looking for a​ means of​ affecting long-term royalty payments or​ a​ greater flexibility in​ the​ ownership of​ your material you may look at​ other publishing options.

When you agree to​ write content for a​ client you are essentially providing a​ service for hire. Once you release the​ article or​ story to​ the​ client and they reciprocate with a​ payment you have no further interest in​ the​ article. You can't use it​ again and you will gain no further payment for its ongoing use.

When you write a​ story for potential use in​ a​ book anthology,​ or​ a​ full manuscript for publication,​ you may have a​ variety of​ rights to​ consider.

If you are the​ author of​ a​ story,​ you can negotiate with a​ publisher for the​ rights you are willing to​ provide. You could provide First North American Rights,​ which would allow you to​ resell the​ story in​ the​ future as​ a​ second right,​ but you would also have the​ capability of​ selling first rights to​ someone else on​ an​ international basis. Nonexclusive rights allow you to​ continue selling the​ material with the​ same rights to​ as​ many publishers as​ are interested.

As we​ venture back to​ the​ original question it​ is​ important to​ understand that freelanced writing can and should be a​ balanced approach to​ writing. if​ it​ takes you a​ million words before you find publishing success why not make some of​ those words available to​ a​ paying content market to​ provide some skills-based writing while you work on​ other projects that are more personal and may have the​ potential to​ provide long-term residual payments.

A writer should always find time to​ write about the​ things they are passionate about,​ however the​ service of​ content writing provides a​ means of​ gaining some writing income while learning new skills and writing techniques while you are waiting for a​ publisher's acceptance letter.

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