Consistent Writing Means Consistent Results

I had an​ engaging conversation recently with a​ friend who writes for a​ living as​ I do. One question that came up from my friend to​ me was,​ “How do you write so often and so well?” Naturally,​ I appreciated his question and considered it​ to​ be a​ compliment. Goodness knows there have been times after I wrapped up a​ project that I wasn’t too confident about what I had written. But,​ that wasn’t his question. He also wanted to​ know how I write so prolifically. Read on​ and I will share some secrets with you.

When I write articles,​ I try to​ keep in​ mind that some person some where will likely snag my article and repost it​ elsewhere. I submit my articles to​ select submission sites knowing that I stand the​ best chance of​ seeing my articles peppered on​ web sites across the​ World Wide Web. With that in​ mind,​ I write with all of​ my heart by pouring passion into every single word that I write. I also know that what I write will be critiqued by future paying customers,​ so no junk is​ acceptable by me.

Clearly,​ writing prolifically means sticking with the​ topics I am most familiar with. Fortunately,​ as​ I glide through middle age [yeah,​ right] I have gained a​ much broader selection of​ topics to​ write about. I have worked in​ the​ nonprofit sector,​ retail,​ restaurant,​ and aviation environments. I have worked with men and women from what seems to​ be every tongue,​ tribe,​ and nation on​ earth. I have lived side by side and attended church with people from varying financial backgrounds. What I have really gained is​ a​ rich melting pot experience which has influenced my subject reach.

Once I find something I want to​ write about,​ I simply start writing. I don’t even write out an​ outline as​ much anymore as​ I usually have the​ topic sentence,​ body,​ and the​ conclusion already in​ my head. it​ is​ simply a​ matter of​ taking each part of​ the​ article and fleshing it​ out. Quickly and deliberately I usually come away with something that is​ concise,​ informative,​ and persuasive. Typically,​ I only need to​ partially rewrite any article once,​ making slight grammatical corrections and changing words or​ sentence structure as​ needed. No dilly dallying…I get right to​ the​ point.

Because I am regularly in​ the​ mood to​ write,​ this means I do my writing on​ a​ consistent basis. Because I write on​ a​ consistent basis,​ I gain consistently good results. Like a​ pianist,​ if​ I do not practice,​ practice,​ practice I will lose my edge and,​ thus,​ my delivery. Better to​ keep at​ something all the​ time then to​ rest too long and lose my spark. Consistent writing is​ profitable to​ me as​ it​ is​ to​ my clients who benefit the​ most from all of​ my hard work.

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