Consider Lsi When Writing Articles

Consider Lsi When Writing Articles

As a​ web site owner one of​ the​ many hats you wear is​ that of​ marketer. You must find ways to​ drive targeted traffic to​ your site in​ the​ most cost effective manners. Writing articles has played a​ major role for years now in​ internet marketing online when promoting products and websites because this method has proven to​ be very beneficial in​ building highly coveted backlinks at​ little or​ no cost.

Writing and submitting articles to​ article directories and niche related ezines is​ still a​ very popular form of​ covert advertising because you provide real information about a​ certain subject or​ product in​ particular and are allowed to​ insert a​ link to​ your site within the​ author biography area.

These articles were written with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in​ mind which meant that they targeted certain keywords by including them at​ a​ specific amount of​ times in​ the​ article. Optimized articles usually had the​ targeted keyword at​ 3 percent of​ the​ total number of​ words to​ gain the​ most favor from search engines.

Google and other search engines have recently changed the​ way they rank these types of​ articles and web sites in​ general. the​ newest twist in​ SEO is​ what is​ called LSI or​ Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI actually takes into account not just a​ specific keyword but all the​ different yet similar keywords and phrases that match the​ original.

As an​ example,​ if​ you were to​ write an​ article of​ 500 words that targeted the​ keyword phrase "internet marketing online" for traditional search engine optimization you would want to​ include that phrase approximately 15 times. Now if​ you consider the​ LSI aspect you would also want to​ include similar phrases such as​ "internet marketing",​ "internet marketing strategy",​ "internet marketing solution" and "internet marketing business".

By including such secondary terms your articles will have a​ better LSI ranking thus a​ better natural search engine ranking.

When incorporating article writing in​ your internet marketing online efforts you must consider both traditional SEO and LSI. it​ is​ always hard to​ pinpoint exactly what Google is​ looking for so by doing both you can make sure to​ cover all bases.

You must also remember to​ not only write keyword and phrase targeted articles but actual informative articles that real people will want to​ read. the​ people reading your articles are,​ after all,​ the​ focus of​ why you wrote the​ article in​ the​ first place.

It does you no good to​ write and submit articles that the​ search engines love if​ readers cannot finish what you are writing. the​ whole point of​ writing for internet marketing online is​ to​ get your readers to​ click through to​ your site.

Another benefit of​ writing good articles is​ the​ viral effect they create by having site owners and ezine publishers placing your articles on​ their sites. Only good articles make the​ cut on​ most of​ these sites.

In conclusion there are many things to​ consider when writing articles for internet marketing online purposes including LSI,​ SEO and quality. When all aspects are there,​ you have a​ winning article.

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