Conflicts In The Workplace

Conflicts In The Workplace

Conflicts in​ the​ workplace
Jessica was just out of​ school when she began working as​ a​ secretary-trainee for a​ small company .​

Howard,​ a​ software developer in​ his mid-20s had the​ same aspirations as​ Jessica --- to​ a​ higher income and attain a​ certain degree of​ recognition in​ the​ software world .​

As things would have it,​ both Jessica and Howard would encounter not the​ success they dreamed of,​ but the​ frustration of​ having their dream bubble burst right before their eyes .​
These aspiring professionals were stopped dead in​ their career tracks not because of​ some mistake but because of​ harassment in​ the​ workplace .​
Their fall from corporate grace was due to​ a​ combination of​ envy,​ jealousy,​ and a​ fair amount of​ backtalk from their detractors .​
Jessica was caught in​ the​ middle of​ frequent changes in​ leadership and movement personnel in​ their division .​
Even with her efforts to​ suggest office innovations and other alternatives to​ make work efficient,​ Jessica still became the​ butt of​ sexist jokes .​
Her good standing with their one and only boss only made it​ worse .​
Her diligent work was always praised within the​ hearing range of​ the​ older employees as​ well as​ the​ new ones --- a​ fact that only made her detractors try even harder to​ discredit her .​
Envy really poisons the​ working atmosphere .​

While Jessica became a​ victim of​ nasty jokes and false rumors,​ Howard,​ for his part,​ became the​ office scapegoat .​
What did Howard do to​ deserve such treatment? He was confident and brilliant as​ a​ software developer with his only perceived weakness was his being the​ youngest person in​ the​ department .​
Jessica is​ in​ the​ middle of​ what she nows called the​ Boiler Room .​
At first,​ Howard tried to​ understand why most of​ his older colleagues were somewhat nasty .​
He thought that they might be seeking some relief from their personal stress but it​ started to​ bother him because their intimidation was becoming more frequent .​
the​ taunting and sarcasm eventually caused Howard to​ suffer anxiety panic attacks .​
Jessica and Howard are only two among thousands who experience harassment and other forms of​ bullying in​ the​ workplace .​
Anyone can be a​ target .​
Harassment often begins with unresolved conflicts between workmates that could even escalate into problems that would eventually require the​ attention of​ management .​
Harassment at​ work is​ one of​ the​ most distracting situations that any worker or​ professional can face .​
Work,​ needless to​ say,​ is​ important not only as​ a​ means to​ have a​ livelihood .​
It is​ also crucial to​ one's ego and craving for achievement .​

Getting along with everybody is​ not the​ solution .​
It doesn't mean you have to​ be a​ people pleaser and compromising your principles .​
Being warm and sincere can melt the​ cold atmosphere .​
But it​ is​ important to​ set standards for yourself .​
Treat others with respect and dignity,​ and most likely,​ you would be treated in​ the​ same manner .​
Appearances also matter,​ following a​ dress code or​ adapting a​ sensible attire gives an​ good impression .​

Other ways to​ maintain your good professional standing and mutually beneficial relations with co-workers include:
l Be dependable and trustworthy .​

l Do not be oversensitive .​
Not all criticisms should be considered harassment .​
l Seek support from higher management when the​ pressure is​ too great and if​ you already feel resentment or​ despair .​
Although,​ there is​ no 100% guarantee that workplace harassment can be stopped,​ you must still take the​ initiative to​ stop the​ maltreatment .​
If the​ bullying cannot be stopped by management,​ maybe it​ is​ time to​ consider the​ next option: switch jobs or​ find another job .​
Life is​ too short to​ stay in​ a​ job that causes you misery .​
Nor it​ is​ the​ end of​ the​ world if​ you leave a​ company where you are no longer happy.

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