Computer Monitoring Software Is It Ethical

Computer Monitoring Software Is It Ethical

Computer Monitoring Software - is​ It Ethical?
Computer monitoring software is​ used to​ spy on​ a​ person's internet activities .​
There are software programs nowadays that can track everything a​ person does on​ the​ computer -record instant message conversations,​ log emails sent and received,​ record all visited websites,​ so on​ and so on​ .​
The programs can be hidden from the​ unsuspecting user,​ and they usually have no idea they are being monitored .​
Only the​ person who installed it,​ and is​ doing the​ monitoring,​ will know where it​ is,​ and how to​ access all the​ devious activity,​ if​ there is​ any.
There are three primary uses for computer monitoring software .​
to​ monitor your child's internet activity,​ spy on​ your spouse or​ partner,​ or​ track your employees activities at​ the​ workplace (if you​ own a​ business) .​
is​ it​ ethical? in​ most cases I​ believe it​ is,​ in​ others there is​ a​ gray area.
In the​ case of​ monitoring our children,​ I​ do believe we as​ parents have every right to​ know what they are up to​ .​
The internet can be a​ very dangerous place for kids,​ and has become a​ haven for sexual predators .​
How do you​ think your teen would react if​ they found out you​ were watching them? They would probably go ballistic on​ you​ for betraying their trust.
I would suggest just telling them that you​ will be keeping an​ eye on​ their activities,​ and explain why .​
You do not have to​ tell them you​ are using spy software,​ just one warning to​ tell them you​ know what's going on,​ should suffice .​
It's our duty to​ protect our kids and ensure their safety in​ any way we can .​
Just give them a​ warning that you​ will be watching and set limits on​ their internet use .​
Make their working computer in​ the​ living room or​ den,​ a​ computer in​ their bedroom is​ asking for trouble .​
Even when your not at​ home,​ you​ can view their activities from a​ remote computer,​ if​ your working or​ on​ vacation.You can even see what they are doing remotely from another computer in​ the​ house you​ have access to.
Catching the​ cheating spouse .​
This is​ where it​ can get dangerous .​
I​ had once caught my exgirlfriend exchanging rather erotic emails with some guy over the​ web .​
Sure enough,​ she was having an​ affair .​
She had forgotten to​ log off her yahoo email account,​ and when I​ was checking my yahoo email,​ she was still logged on.
You can imagine I​ felt hurt and betrayed .​
This ultimately led to​ our break up,​ because she started dating the​ guy .​
I​ just think how would I​ feel if​ she was the​ one spying on​ me? I​ would feel very betrayed that she did not trust me .​
However,​ there is​ something inside all of​ us,​ that just has to​ know the​ truth .​
If you​ usecomputer monitoring on​ your spouse or​ partner,​ be careful your not caught .​
If your more computer savvy than them,​ most likely they will not know .​
If you​ are the​ faithful one,​ you​ certainly have a​ right to​ know .​
Employees at​ the​ workplace .​
You want to​ make sure your employees are actually working and not goofing off at​ their workstations .​
With computer monitoring software,​ you​ can monitor multiple workstations at​ once .​
is​ it​ ethical? Well,​ only the​ employees who have something to​ hide would say no.
You are trying to​ run a​ business,​ paying workers ,​ you​ run the​ show .​
You have every right to​ know where your hard earned money is​ going .​
I​ would personally just let them know upon hiring,​ that all workstations are monitored for productivity.

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