Compulsive Gambling Behaviors Observable In The Workplace

Compulsive gambling has been called the​ "hidden disease,​" as​ there are few overt signs of​ it​ in​ the​ workplace until the​ problem is​ in​ its most advanced stage. Astute observers may,​ however,​ pick up clues.

Extensive gambling can be time-consuming. Doing everything required to​ gain the​ information required to​ gamble intelligently,​ to​ place bets,​ follow the​ action,​ borrow money and make payments often has an​ impact that can be observed in​ the​ workplace. an​ educational pamphlet on​ compulsive gambling lists these indicators that may be observed at​ work:

Late to​ work (due to​ late night card game,​ casino venture,​ or​ bad night's sleep worrying about gambling-related problems).

Long lunches (off-track betting,​ meeting bookmaker or​ loan shark or​ creditors).
Mysterious disappearance in​ the​ afternoon (typically at​ the​ track,​ off-track betting,​ afternoon card or​ dice game,​ or​ listening to​ sporting events).

Sick days taken right when they become available rather than allowed to​ accumulate (uses sick days to​ gamble).

Vacation used in​ isolated days rather than blocks.

Excessive use of​ rest room (reads sports pages or​ listens to​ radio in​ the​ rest room).

Excessive use of​ the​ telephone (calls to​ off-track betting,​ bookie,​ creditors,​ or​ to​ find money; calls from bookie or​ creditors).

Reads newspaper and sports literature at​ work (scratch sheet from race track,​ racing form,​ sporting news,​ etc.).

Operates office sports pool or​ paycheck pool (the person running these sometimes has a​ gambling problem).

Collects money from other employees for off-track betting or​ lottery (ostensibly does this as​ convenience for co-workers but actually so he or​ she can place bets).

Organizes trips to​ Atlantic City,​ Las Vegas,​ or​ other gambling junkets (may indicate familiarity through frequent visits).

Operates as​ bookmaker or​ runner for bookmaker (many bookmakers and runners are themselves compulsive gamblers and do this in​ order to​ gamble more).

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