Compelling Reasons For Homeschooling

Compelling Reasons For Homeschooling

People choose the​ option of​ homeschooling their children for a​ variety of​ reasons.

For many years,​ homeschooling was the​ purview of​ those families who lived in​ rural areas and found the​ cost and/or time it​ would take to​ transport their children to​ school unbearable. For these people,​ homeschooling was and continues to​ be the​ only real option when it​ comes to​ their children’s education. Many rural families have traditionally relied on​ their children to​ help around the​ house,​ and thus homeschooling allowed them to​ pursue their studies around the​ family schedule,​ and work and education could be fit into the​ day according to​ a​ suitable timetable.

Another traditional reason for families choosing the​ option of​ homeschool was a​ fundamental disagreement with what was or​ is​ being taught in​ other schooling environments. Chief among this group are families whose religious beliefs clash with the​ prevailing educational methods. Families who choose the​ option of​ homeschooling are not subject to​ the​ rigid curriculum of​ established schools,​ and there are many options when it​ comes to​ homeschool resources that can offer as​ wide or​ as​ narrow a​ field of​ study as​ far as​ worldviews that the​ parent wishes.

A more recent development in​ the​ reason people choose to​ homeschool their children is​ that of​ safety. School ground violence seems to​ be increasing,​ and that has many parents worried. They feel that the​ best way to​ keep their children away from harm is​ to​ keep them close.

Hand-in-hand with the​ safety issue is​ a​ concern for the​ child’s self esteem. Bullying is​ a​ common issue within any school system,​ as​ any parent well remembers from their own school days. Many parents cannot bear the​ thought of​ throwing their children into the​ kind of​ system that breeds a​ pack mentality,​ and are choosing instead to​ have them educated at​ home.

A very recent development in​ the​ reasons for homeschooling is​ the​ fluidity in​ choices that homeschooling children allows. This is​ especially apparent in​ Generation X,​ who seem to​ be fairly insistent on​ independence and not being tied down to​ any one place or​ situation. Homeschooling eliminates the​ need to​ plan all vacations around established school holidays,​ as​ the​ pace is​ determined by the​ parent and child.

Finally,​ parents may choose to​ homeschool their children because they simply feel they can do a​ better job than any educational system. Parent of​ gifted children do not want to​ see the​ child wasted in​ the​ hard pressed for both resources and qualified teachers system that public schooling represents,​ and private schools are becoming increasingly unaffordable for the​ average family. Parents who believe their children need the​ advantages of​ a​ more intimate education are therefore turning to​ the​ option of​ homeschooling.

The rise in​ popularity of​ homeschooling has meant a​ corresponding rise in​ the​ materials available to​ the​ parent who chooses to​ homeschool. There are resources available to​ meet any educational needs,​ and with a​ little bit of​ homework a​ parent will find the​ curriculum they feel will best suit their children’s needs.

Compelling Reasons For Homeschooling

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