Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Common Questions about Laser Hair Removal
Are you​ looking into laser hair removal? Are you​ unsure of​ just what all is​ involved? If so,​ you​ found the​ right article .​
This article will answer some of​ the​ common questions involving laser hair removal.
What is​ Laser Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal is​ the​ process of​ using a​ laser to​ help reduce hair growth.
How Does It Work?
The laser produces a​ high amount of​ heat and when directed at​ the​ hair,​ finds the​ hair follicle and damages the​ root .​
This helps prevent the​ hair growing back.
Who Qualifies for​ Laser Hair Removal?
Unfortunately laser hair removal is​ not for​ everyone .​
It is​ better for​ people with dark hair and light skin .​
If your skin is​ darker you​ will want to​ discuss laser hair removal with your practitioner .​
Laser hair removal will not work on​ blonde,​ red,​ white or​ grey hair .​
People that tan will have to​ let their tan fade before doing laser hair removal.
Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?
Laser hair removal will only reduce the​ hair growth .​
Each patient will have a​ different laser hair removal experience.
What is​ the​ Cost of​ Laser Hair Removal?
The cost of​ laser hair removal will vary depending on​ the​ clinic,​ your area and region .​
Contact a​ laser hair remover facility of​ your choice to​ find out more.
Are There Any Side Effects to​ Laser Hair Removal?
Unfortunately yes .​
Just like any other technique such as​ laser hair removal .​
a​ person could experience many different things such as:

· Temporary Rash
· Skin Discoloration
· Blistering
· Scarring
· Crusting
· Scabbing
· Skin texture change
What Parts of​ the​ Body Can Be Used for​ Laser Hair Removal?
There are actually quite a​ few areas you​ can do .​
Here are some of​ the​ many choices:
Face,​ Neck,​ Chin,​ Toes,​ Feet,​ Upper Lip,​ Bikini Line,​ Fingers,​ Between the​ Brow,​ Arms,​ Legs,​ Chest,​ Stomach,​ Ears,​ Hairline
What Kind of​ Results Can you​ Expect With Laser Hair Removal?
You can expect to​ see around fifty to​ eighty percent of​ hair reduction growth .​
It will depend on​ each individual having the​ treatment done .​
Some might experience better results than other with laser hair removal.
Before and After Laser Hair Removal
Before you​ can do this procedure there are things you​ should know .​
If you​ are tanning you​ must let your tan fade first before using laser hair removal .​
You also do not want to​ pluck,​ wax,​ sugar or​ tweeze before your treatment .​
This will leave no hair left to​ be treated!
Do not moisturize before your treatment .​
This means you​ cannot use any body lotions,​ moisturizers,​ perfumes or​ sunscreen .​
After your laser hair removal treatment you​ do not want to​ mess with your treated skin .​
Do not pick at​ it,​ etc .​
You also do not want to​ interfere with the​ treatments effectiveness by plucking or​ waxing .​
Try to​ avoid any direct sun exposure to​ your skin .​
When your treatments are complete use sunscreen and avoid tanning beds .​
Try not to​ do anything that will cause you​ to​ sweat .​
This could cause irritation to​ the​ treated skin .​
Talk with your practitioner after your treatment to​ discuss any further details or​ instructions.

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