Common Mistakes When Article Writing

Common Mistakes When Article Writing

As an​ article directory owner,​ there are several common mistakes that many article authors make,​ some of​ which may directly affect how successful an​ article is​ in​ its purpose of​ website promotion.

One of​ the​ most common errors that are made is​ not reading over an​ article to​ check for spelling errors. Although it​ is​ understandable that the​ occasional spelling mistake may go unnoticed,​ it​ is​ not uncommon to​ find articles with dozens of​ errors throughout. This immediately conveys that the​ article author is​ not as​ bothered about the​ article as​ they should be and is​ merely using it​ to​ try and get their resource box link out to​ as​ many sites as​ possible.

But what about human visitors using article directories?

In order to​ gain traffic directly from article directories it​ is​ important that the​ article is​ interesting but also grammatically correct and spell checked,​ so that readers will respect the​ article and will be more likely to​ read it​ to​ the​ end and follow the​ resource box link. an​ article author who does not spell check an​ article after completion is​ not only missing out on​ a​ lot of​ promotion and wasting time submitting to​ article directories that reject the​ article,​ but also from the​ direct traffic that could have been received from the​ directories that do accept it.

One surprising mistake that is​ made by some,​ although not as​ common as​ spelling and grammatical errors,​ is​ an​ incorrect/broken link provided in​ the​ resource area. This area is​ meant to​ be the​ section where a​ reader will read a​ brief promotional segment about what you and your website offers and then to​ hopefully follow the​ link to​ your site. However,​ on​ occasions mistakes are made in​ the​ URL. For example I have noticed a​ website with an​ URL such as​ "" spelt as​ "". This is​ an​ obvious typo which many article directory owners will notice and correct,​ however it​ is​ possible that a​ lot of​ traffic and link popularity is​ being lost from directory owners who miss the​ error and accept the​ article "as is".

Another mistake,​ and one that is​ a​ pet hate of​ many article directory owners,​ is​ article authors who do not read a​ sites terms of​ service and article submission guidelines prior to​ submission. This is​ shown repeatedly when authors submit articles with more links in​ the​ resource box,​ for example,​ or​ directly linking to​ an​ affiliate program. Although many errors are corrected by article directory owners,​ there are some that are simply rejecting articles that do not abide by the​ submission guidelines,​ as​ there are so many others to​ review that there is​ no time to​ correct articles.

To increase the​ likelihood of​ an​ article being accepted,​ ensure that the​ layout is​ correctly formatted. This is​ to​ say that the​ article is​ not formatted to​ a​ specific line width but instead should flow to​ the​ end of​ the​ line and onto the​ following line. Space paragraphs clearly as​ paragraphs with a​ line space between them.

Probably the​ biggest point to​ remember here is​ to​ double check an​ article before submission. if​ possible,​ also have a​ friend read the​ article to​ check for errors. Doing so will allow for the​ best possible results to​ be gained from the​ submission.

Common Mistakes When Article Writing

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