Common Mistakes In Writing Term Paper

Some term papers are designed and completed in​ two steps. First,​ you should present the​ draft of​ your paper to​ the​ tutor. Usually,​ your tutor makes acquaintance with it​ and can evaluate it​ as​ your term paper. Nevertheless,​ the​ writing of​ the​ draft is​ not a​ prerequisite,​ but it​ might be advisable to​ complete it. it​ allows your tutor to​ correct some of​ the​ mistakes that you may have made. the​ second is​ the​ designing and completion of​ the​ term paper. the​ first step is​ to​ research the​ problem. One should be very specific on​ it; study it​ thoroughly just in​ order to​ present it​ well. Investigate the​ sources. One should avoid using text books as​ the​ primary sources for your term paper. You should remember that many of​ periodicals are not considered as​ the​ primary sources either. However,​ you should concentrate on​ getting your ideas from the​ texts.

These ideas can be used as​ your inevitable guide to​ the​ primary sources. Also,​ remember that despite huge development in​ the​ internet,​ the​ web sites are not credible references. Many tutors around the​ world do not recognize the​ references from web sites as​ the​ credible ones. If,​ however you have found some useful information on​ the​ web site,​ you should try to​ find out the​ list of​ the​ resources that were used for this site. Nevertheless,​ one should make sure that the​ references are really credible ones.

Make sure that you paper written corresponds to​ the​ reference format set by your tutor. Do not forget to​ use parenthesis or​ citations,​ where they are required. One should not forget that only those references that have been used in​ the​ designing of​ your term paper must be used. Try to​ avoid using the​ reference just because you have read it. Write as​ many pages as​ you have been requested; your term paper should fit to​ the​ instructions set by your tutor. Be succinct,​ yet nevertheless your term paper should not be too short. Needless to​ say your term paper should be submitted without plagiarism. the​ best and most common way is​ certainly paraphrasing; however do not forget to​ cite the​ sources of​ your ideas. Learn more about it​ here.

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