Combing Hair

Precautions to​ be taken while combing hair
Hair combing is​ a​ routine activity of​ almost all people. Some people keep a​ particular hair style throughout their life and some especially younger generation adopt new styles according to​ new trends and fashion. Hair styles has got close relation with the​ personality of​ a​ person. the​ hair of​ an unhygeinic person is​ usually tangled and dirty because of​ lack of​ washing and combing. to​ have a​ healthy scalp hair proper nutrition is​ needed. General health has got direct relation with the​ quality and quantity of​ hair. Regular washing,​use of​ hair oil,​proper combing ect are also needed to​ make the​ hair beautiful. General hints for​ combing is​ discussed here.
1 Different varieties of​ combs are available in​ the​ market. the​ best comb is​ selected by considering the​ nature of​ hairhard or​ soft,​long or​ short ,​style and convenience.

2 Combing should be done with utmost care and concentration. Some people especially gents think about some other matters and comb without any care which may be harmful to​ the​ hairs.
3 Combing should be gentle . A vigorous combing can increase hairfalling.
4 Do not comb if​ the​ hair is​ wet. First dry it​ with a​ towel and then put some oil and gently massage it. Now the​ combing will be easy and harmless.
5 Should not be combed in​ the​ opposite direction of​ hairs. This can increase hair falling.
6 Vigorous combing in​ backward direction can produce traction baldness.
7 Frequent combing can damage the​ scalp and the​ hair follicles. Those who carry pocket comb use it​ frequently and make it​ a​ habit. Combing two or​ three times in​ a​ day is​ sufficient.
8 the​ tooth of​ the​ comb should not be sharp and it​ should not be pressed too tightly on​ the​ scalp.
9 Always clean the​ comb before and after use because hair and dirt deposited in​ the​ gap will make combing diffucult and painful.
10 Others comb should not be used. This helps to​ prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Head lice can also spread from one person to​ other by sharing the​ combs.
11 Combing the​ tangled hair is​ difficult and painful. Hence use some shampoo for​ cleaning and after drying put oil and make the​ hairs free for​ an easy combing.

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