Coinciding Settlements Clauses Moving Issues

Coinciding Settlements Clauses - Moving Issues
People who are selling their home in​ order to​ buy another frequently put a​ coinciding settlements clause into their contract offer on​ the new home .​
One reason​ for​ doing this​ is​ so they can move from one home to​ the other at​ the same time.
Coinciding Moving Day?
One reason​ people want coinciding settlements is​ so they can move out of​ one house and​ into the other the same day .​
Sometimes this​ works out .​
Sometimes not .​
if​ it​ doesn't work out, don't freak out .​
for​ example, if​ the house you're buying is​ a​ new one, it​ may not be completed and​ have an​ occupancy permit by the date specified .​
Are you​ going to​ risk losing the sale of​ your​ old home by insisting that settlement be delayed? Not if​ you're smart and​ you​ really want to​ make this​ change .​
you​ might explore delaying settlement, or​ the option​ of​ a​ lease back period .​
if​ those ideas don't fly, it's time to​ cope.
Depending on​ your​ budget and​ the length of​ time between moving out of​ your​ old home and​ moving into your​ new one, you​ could:
1) Have the moving company store your​ furniture and​ household goods, or
2) Rent a​ smart box, pack your​ household items into it, and​ leave it​ parked in​ front of​ your​ old home, or​ park it​ in​ front of​ your​ new one (depending on​ who grants permission), or
3) Store your​ things in​ the basement or​ garage of​ your​ new home (with permission), or
4) Rent a​ storage unit by the month, or
5) Store your​ things in​ the basement or​ garage of​ a​ relative or​ friend, AND
A) Stay in​ a​ hotel or​ motel for​ a​ few nights, or
B) Stay in​ an​ extended-stay hotel or​ motel suite, or
C) Stay with family or​ friends, or
D) Go camping, or
E) Some combination​ of​ the above.
The point is​ to​ act like a​ mature adult .​
Be flexible .​
You're making a​ big change .​
The chances it'll go off without a​ hitch are slim .​
Keep things in​ perspective .​
Practice creative problem solving .​
You'll be proud of​ yourself and​ have a​ smile on​ your​ face when moving day comes.

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