Clinical Research Software

Clinical Research Software
Clinical research software can provide a​ single,​ integrated data capture and study management platform for post-approval research and registries conducted by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies,​ Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) .​
Clinical research software integrates the​ two core functional needs of​ any clinical study,​ Clinical Data Capture and Study Management,​ into a​ single platform .​
Many software companies on​ the​ Internet today are willing to​ deliver via a​ web-based,​ on-demand architecture that streamlines clinical studies by eliminating the​ integration headaches associated with multiple unrelated platforms,​ reducing project efforts and costs from startup to​ conclusion,​ and empowering project stakeholders to​ make informed real-time decisions regarding their research .​
The benefit of​ obtaining your clinical research software online is​ you​ can get your programs right away,​ and if​ you​ have any question,​ they are right there online line only a​ click away .​
The clinical research software you​ choose is​ designed to​ make the​ process of​ conducting clinical trials,​ more efficient,​ more organized,​ more accurate,​ and more profitable .​
It enables research administrators to​ closely manage study operations and financials,​ while making daily operations easier and less error-prone for coordinators,​ recruiters,​ physicians,​ and other staff.
Companies are under increasing pressure to​ replace revenue sources as​ blockbuster drugs come off patent .​
With new drug discoveries focusing on​ smaller,​ targeted populations,​ and market dynamics limiting the​ revenue potential of​ other drugs,​ life science companies are being forced to​ lower development costs and bring more drugs to​ market .​
This,​ in​ addition to​ recent drug safety concerns,​ substantial increases in​ data volume,​ and rising cost pressures,​ present these organizations with some very significant business challenges .​
According to​ a​ Tufts University study,​ it​ costs an​ average of​ $800 million to​ get a​ new drug to​ market .​
Clinical trials account for the​ bulk of​ this number .​
Fine-tuning existing,​ paper-based trial processes to​ lower costs has reached its limits .​
Changing to​ good clinical research software can help companies realize significant cost savings,​ as​ well as​ time,​ efficiency,​ and quality gains .​
The software creates a​ comprehensive data capture and management environment to​ conduct electronic,​ paper-based,​ and hybrid clinical trials as​ well as​ facilitates quicker,​ accurate and less resource-intensive data capture and validation through front-end EDC integration .​
By leveraging the​ clinical software site-based electronic data collection,​ the​ amount of​ time required for data entry is​ reduced,​ redundant workflow is​ eliminated,​ and data accuracy is​ improved .​
The automated point-of-entry cleaning capabilities help decrease query cut resolution cycle times,​ volume,​ and lower operational costs .​
You choose where to​ execute edit checks,​ selecting the​ system most suited for resolution .​
Automated query synchronization moves final resolved queries back to​ the​ system,​ complete with a​ single consolidated query audit trail history .​
Batch loading and batch validation,​ lab loading,​ lab normal-range checking and advanced coding features are all fully supported in​ the​ system.
Both systems work in​ an​ integrated manner to​ provide the​ most comprehensive dataset possible in​ the​ shortest amount of​ time .​
Faster data entry and faster data cleaning make clinical data available earlier for faster database lock.

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