Christmas Meditation

The Purpose of​ Christian Meditation in​ Achieving the​ True Christmas Spirit
Meditation which originates from Vedic Hinduism is​ adopted by Eastern religion as​ one of​ their religious components. ​
In fact,​ it​ became the​ mainstream of​ Western culture. ​
Although meditation is​ considered as​ a​ simple language,​ its description varies in​ two ways. ​
In western culture,​ meditation is​ the​ state wherein the​ mind is​ concentrated on​ one object forgetting about others. ​
While in​ eastern culture,​ meditation is​ the​ state wherein the​ mind is​ switched off. ​
This means nothing is​ thought about. ​

Various spiritual practices are adapted to​ emphasize quiescence or​ activity. ​
There are several purposes why meditations are done. ​
it​ includes improving oneself or​ concentrating ones mind to​ God in​ aspects of​ improving spirituality. ​
Some practices physical yoga for improving their health and​ achieve peace. ​

In Christian traditions,​ several religious practices are considered as​ meditations. ​
Lots of​ these practices are monastic including the​ Holy Rosary and​ prayers that focus on​ Adoration or​ the​ Eucharist in​ Catholic Religion,​ known as​ hesychasm in​ Eastern Orthodoxy. ​
These are similar to​ Eastern meditation which gives concentration on​ individual objects. ​

Meditations in​ Christians are usually in​ prayer forms. ​
Some prayers are primarily made using the​ intellect upon contemplation of​ the​ heavenly mysteries. ​
But meditation or​ Christian prayer by the​ heart is​ a​ Theosis practice as​ been defined in​ the​ Philokalia. ​
it​ is​ because attaining an inner stillness is​ involved while physical senses are ignored. ​

Meditation is​ incorporated by Christians during special occasions including Christmas. ​
Advent recollections in​ preparation of​ celebrating the​ birth of​ Jesus are conducted. ​

There are two ways in​ which meditation is​ used,​ the​ unguided and​ guided meditation. ​
a​ guided meditation is​ done with guidance throughout the​ meditation procedure. ​
You can do this within a​ small group guided by a​ meditation practitioner such as​ priest and​ lay ministers or​ use meditation DVDs or​ CDs. ​

Unguided meditations can also be done within a​ group but no one speaks. ​
The session is​ carried out in​ silence accompanied with meditation music. ​
Some sessions are done in​ isolated locations with a​ quiet,​ peaceful,​ and​ natural surrounding. ​
Still nobody speaks. ​
Meditation music is​ the​ sound that can be only heard. ​
You can do unguided meditation well after taking several sessions of​ a​ guided meditation. ​

There are several advantages of​ meditations. ​
Besides it​ being an inward adventurous journey,​ it​ helps you​ discover yourself. ​
it​ can increase your inner awareness to​ see the​ right path of​ life. ​
Your consciousness about everything can bring clarity,​ serenity,​ and​ bliss harnessing and​ sensitizing your mind power. ​

If you​ want real transformation and​ natural qualities nourishment,​ then meditation is​ the​ best option. ​
The meditation techniques are composed of​ processes for transforming your thoughts,​ yourself,​ and​ recognizing negative thoughts as​ well as​ changing those into peaceful and​ positive thoughts. ​
Meditation can manage your stress so that your mind can experience a​ sanctuary of​ peace and​ value love in​ your mind and​ heart. ​
it​ neutralizes emotions to​ achieve bliss and​ nirvana. ​
it​ can make you​ live longer because mediation creates a​ platform for a​ healthier lifestyle. ​

Christians of​ all ages can meditate. ​
Learning this practice can help you​ improve your daily lives and​ cope up with your environment. ​
if ​ obtain inner peace,​ then it​ can lead to​ world peace. ​
And if ​ meditation can heal oneself,​ therefore it​ can also heal the​ world. ​
This is​ the​ true spirit of​ Christmas.

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