Christmas Decorating Trends For 2018

this​ year, the latest craze in​ Christmas decorating is​ going back in​ time. Homeowners seem to​ be less interested in​ the icicle-type lights and​ the use of​ single color strands. Baby boomers seem to​ be harkening back to​ the days of​ their youth, by bringing back the full color glory of​ traditional Christmas lights.

Lawn ornaments have become a​ must-have for​ the decorating elves in​ your​ neighborhood. Families everywhere are installing huge lawn ornaments, many consisting of​ animated light patterns. They sheer number of​ choices for​ shapes, sizes, and​ designs should tell you​ that these are very popular with festive homeowners. I am a​ huge fan of​ the old-style bubble lights (you​ know…..the ones with colored water and​ bubbles inside), and​ they have returned with a​ vengeance.

Many people seem to​ be gravitating back to​ using real trees, instead of​ using plastic pre-fab ones. Who can blame them? They smell great, and​ they make Christmas feel that much more real. My family has always used a​ real tree. it​ has become a​ family tradition​ to​ go out and​ cut the tree ourselves. We usually wait until mid-December. We all get bundled up in​ our snow gear, get our sleighs out, along with a​ thermos of​ hot apple cider, and​ make our way into the bush. The kids love it, the dog loves it, and​ it​ makes for​ an​ excellent family adventure!

It seems that Christmas flowers have also changed with the times. Although the classic red poinsettia will likely be with us for​ the rest of​ time, many florists are offering their customers alternatives. as​ has been the case with flowers in​ general for​ some time, florists are now adding dyes to​ traditional holiday flowers and​ bouquets. My personal favorite happens to​ be a​ bright violet poinsettia. My daughter prefers cobalt blue. What is​ yours?

Whether you​ are a​ staunch Christmas traditionalist or​ you​ are keen on​ changing along with the current decorating trends, Christmas decorations have never before been so varied and​ left consumers with so many choices. So get out there and​ shop, shop, shop! Tis the season, after all!

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