Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation: Knowing About God's Word and Obeying It

When you​ hear people say meditation,​ there is​ ​ a​ ​ great chance that you​ will often think of ​ Buddhist monks humming with their hands on​ their large beads. you​ will also imagine bald people in​ ​ yellow robes reaching enlightenment. you​ have to​ ​ consider that meditation isn't only done by bald monks in​ ​ yellow robes in​ ​ order to​ ​ reach enlightenment and know about Buddha's words of ​ wisdom,​ you​ have to​ ​ consider that other religions,​ such as​ the​ Christian religion also practices meditation but in​ ​ a​ ​ very different way.

The Christian bible tells Christian followers to​ ​ think about God's word. you​ have to​ ​ consider that what you​ think about affects the​ action you​ take. the​ mind is​ ​ a​ ​ powerful part of ​ your body that can control your mind. So,​ by thinking about God's words about the​ great things you​ have to​ ​ do in​ ​ order to​ ​ benefit other people and help people who can't help themselves,​ you​ will be making a​ ​ good thing on​ society.

Meditation has a​ ​ very different meaning in​ ​ the​ Christian religion. it ​ doesn’t necessarily mean that you​ have to​ ​ shave your head and wear yellow robes,​ lie down on​ the​ floor or squat in​ ​ order to​ ​ meditate,​ meditation in​ ​ the​ Christian religion means to​ ​ think. in​ ​ Christian meditation,​ you​ have to​ ​ think about the​ good words that God has commanded people to​ ​ do. you​ have to​ ​ consider that you​ shouldn’t break the​ commandments and you​ have to​ ​ do good to​ ​ your fellow human beings in​ ​ order to​ ​ go to​ ​ heaven and have eternal life.

You should consider that meditation isn't just about thinking about Gods word,​ but you​ have to​ ​ consider that you​ have to​ ​ focus on​ it ​ in​ ​ order to​ ​ imprint it ​ in​ ​ your mind and have a​ ​ guide to​ ​ live your life free from sin. Christian meditation is​ ​ very easy to​ ​ do and not as​ complex as​ you​ might think. All you​ need to​ ​ do is​ ​ pray with your heart and think of ​ the​ things God have said. There are three times during a​ ​ day where you​ can do Christian meditation in​ ​ order to​ ​ guide your everyday life. First is​ ​ just before you​ sleep in​ ​ order to​ ​ make sure that you​ think of ​ what God's words were as​ you​ go to​ ​ sleep,​ upon waking up in​ ​ order to​ ​ have a​ ​ guide to​ ​ start your day,​ and some time in​ ​ your day so that you​ won't forget about God's word.

You don’t have to​ ​ lie down in​ ​ order to​ ​ do Christian meditation. All you​ need to​ ​ do is​ ​ think about God's word wholeheartedly and also accept them as​ your daily guide in​ ​ your daily life.

As you​ can see,​ you​ will know what your priorities in​ ​ life are if ​ you​ do Christian meditation. All you​ need is​ ​ a​ ​ little time to​ ​ think about what God has said and in​ ​ order to​ ​ satisfy your soul's needs. as​ you​ live life like this,​ you​ will see that you​ will be happier and be more satisfied on​ how you​ live your life.

Christian Meditation

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