Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

There are hundreds of​ shampoo's out there,​ from the​ Suave you​ can purchase at​ the​ local pharmacy to​ designer shampoo's like Kerastas and Philip B. that can only be purchased from speciality salons and stores. How do you​ choose?

First,​ know your hair type. It's fairly easy to​ know what type of​ shampoo your hair needs if​ it's permed or​ colored. if​ your hair is​ permed then most likely you're seeing a​ stylist on​ a​ regular basis and he or​ she has suggested a​ product for​ you. if​ your hair is​ colored you​ will want a​ shampoo that will be gentle on​ the​ color and not strip it​ from your hair. is​ your hair dry? Oily? Thin or​ full and coarse?

What affect do you​ want the​ shampoo to​ have on​ your hair? Be aware of​ claims made by shampoo manufacturers. the​ only thing regulated by the​ Food & Drug Administration is​ the​ list of​ ingredients on​ the​ back of​ the​ shampoo bottle. This means that manufacturers can claim their shampoos moisturize or​ add volume whether or​ not they do.

Herbs and botanicals smell great,​ but their affect on​ the​ hair has never been proven. Actually most shampoos and conditioners affect your hair only temporarily by leaving product behind on​ your hair after you​ wash. They have no long term effect on​ the​ condition of​ your hair at​ all.

Don't believe that you​ have to​ use one manufacturers entire hair product line. It's the​ same for​ skin care products. All shampoos clean the​ hair. All soaps clean the​ face. All conditioners leave a​ trace of​ product on​ your hair which help keep the​ cuticle smooth. All moisturizes soften and moisturize the​ skin. it​ doesn't matter if​ you​ mix and match products,​ despite what they say.

Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

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