Choosing The Right Forex Software For You

Choosing the​ Right Forex Software For You
You might be looking for a​ charting platform,​ or​ a​ trading platform .​
You could also be looking for an​ automated trading program,​ or​ a​ signal service .​
You are most probably looking for some form of​ assistance to​ help with your trading .​
This is​ really the​ holy grail for a​ lot of​ traders who do not have the​ time or​ the​ inclination to​ sit in​ front of​ a​ computer 16 hours a​ day .​
I​ have done that for a​ couple of​ years and done my 'chart-time',​ now its time to​ let the​ computer take care of​ it​ for me.
The best charting and trading platform is​ MT4,​ this allows you​ to​ also create custom indicators and expert advisors allowing you​ to​ auto-trade your account .​
Some people have created truly excellent Expert Advisors,​ and its like having your own forex trading guru sat at​ your computer 24/6,​ never getting tired,​ grumpy,​ hungry or​ anything else for that matter .​
Provide a​ stable internet connection and power,​ and the​ EA will handle everything else for you​ .​
The problem is​ selecting the​ correct one,​ as​ there are so many out there.
Some criteria you​ should apply,​ when judging an​ EA are;
- Whether they will give you​ a​ free trial
- Their FORWARD tested history as​ well as​ their backtested history
- What modelling quality their backtests are run on​ (90% is​ the​ best available)
- Whether they offer a​ money back guarantee should the​ EA fail to​ perform for you​
Markets change,​ and so do the​ performances of​ EA's .​
The goal is​ really to​ find one that can perform consistently over different market conditions .​
The best we have seen yet in​ the​ market is​ the​ PointBreak EA .​
This was used by a​ private trading group by over a​ year before being recently released to​ the​ public.
PointBreak Expert Advisor (Very Aggressive Trading) has resulted 49.76% since October 2018 .​
This is​ the​ most aggressive setting available,​ the​ more conservative settings give smaller returns but correspondingly smaller drawdowns.

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