Choosing Floor And Wall Covering Fabrics For All Your Decorating Needs

The texture of​ fabrics varies but all of​ them add warmth and​ personality to​ a​ room. Many possibilities are available in​ decorating shops, making the work even easier by selling fabrics and​ papers in​ the same pattern. Traditionally it​ was used to​ cover walls but has since given way to​ wallpaper, which is​ more practical and​ easy to​ use while carrying out the same function.

Here are ten household helpful hints for​ choosing floor and​ wall covering fabrics to​ decorate your​ home:

1. Use fabrics to​ provide soundproofing in​ noisy rooms.

2. Curtains or​ blinds allow us to​ play with light.

3. Choose flooring like according to​ a​ room’s use.

4. Use tough floorings like marble, stone, or​ tiles where lots of​ people move about, especially if​ they have hard heels or​ dirty soles.

5. Use warm flooring like carpets or​ wood where you​ will walk barefoot.

6. Before choosing flooring, try and​ determine how it​ will look in​ the lighting of​ a​ room.

7. Take good care of​ your​ flooring to​ ensure it​ will last a​ long time.

8. Avoid paint in​ areas with heavy circulation. Tiles and​ marble are both washable and​ longer lasting.

9. When deciding on​ the flooring and​ the wall coverings remember just how much space they occupy and​ therefore how important they are.

10. Well-matched wall coverings and​ floorings can be mutually enhancing so it​ is​ best to​ select them at​ the same time.

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