Choosing Decor For A Lodge Or Cabin With A Rustic Theme

if​ you​ have a​ hunting lodge, or​ just a​ country lodge or​ cabin​ retreat to​ get away from the daily stress of​ city life, then you​ have an​ opportunity to​ create an​ ambience totally different from your​ main​ city or​ town home. you​ can use a​ variety of​ appropriately designed and​ themed décor to​ create an​ atmosphere that is​ not only in​ keeping with your​ rustic home from home, but quite in​ contrast to​ that which you​ might normally have in​ your​ main​ residence.

if​ you​ go to​ the lodge to​ get away from "normal" life, then a​ contrast in​ decor will add to​ that escapism. it​ is​ said that a​ change is​ as​ good as​ a​ rest, and​ a​ change in​ internal, as​ well as​ external, surroundings can make a​ significant contribution​ to​ the relaxed feeling you​ like to​ enjoy when you​ go for​ your​ weekend break or​ regular vacation.

if​ the lodge is​ your​ own, then you​ will no doubt want to​ furnish and​ decorate it​ in​ a​ way that will give you​ that sense of​ escapism, yet at​ the same time make it​ feel like “home”. if​ yours is​ a​ modern city home, with a​ light and​ bright modern interior, then an​ excellent contrast for​ your​ lodge retreat is​ to​ seek out rustic décor that blends well.

One thing that makes choosing lodge décor easier, is​ the way that old vintage styles fit so well in​ the lodge environment. The liberal use of​ wood, especially dark wood, in​ furniture, wall hangings and​ ornaments, goes as​ well in​ a​ 16th century country cottage in​ the English countryside, as​ it​ does in​ a​ modern lodge in​ North America. this​ means that it​ is​ readily available, as​ the market is​ much wider than lodges or​ cabins, and​ really embraces all country homes and​ farmhouses.

The use of​ floral fabrics and​ rustic styles in​ the lighting and​ other home necessities, goes as​ well in​ a​ country cottage as​ a​ hunting or​ holiday lodge. Even the kitchen can be an​ escape to​ the past, but still modern in​ its function, with the use of​ vintage style pots and​ pans, antique style table and​ chairs, vintage pot hangers and​ so on. Just about every type of​ fitting, ornament, furniture item, or​ decoration​ can be found in​ a​ theme suitable for​ a​ lodge.

Using vintage rustic styles for​ your​ lodge interior can be taken a​ step further, by using a​ sub theme that is​ also in​ keeping with your​ surroundings, and​ the purpose of​ the lodge. for​ example, if​ it​ is​ a​ hunting lodge, then you​ can easily seek out fabrics, ornaments, decorations, furniture and​ utensils that feature moose or​ deer. if​ it​ is​ just a​ lodge for​ nature trekking and​ enjoying the countryside, then broader nature themes can be used, featuring local trees and​ flowers, as​ well as​ animals familiar in​ the area where the lodge is​ situated.

With a​ little bit of​ imagination, to​ visualize your​ ideal lodge interior design, and​ a​ bit of​ searching, you​ are sure to​ be able to​ create a​ rustic ambience that will welcome you​ in​ the depths of​ winter or​ the height of​ summer.

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