Choose A Hair Color 33

Choose A Hair Color 33

Unlike men,​ women have a​ penchant for​ changing hair color almost as​ readily as​ a​ man might buy a​ new shirt .​
Women,​ by nature,​ find fashion,​ ornamentation and looking good to​ be irresistible .​
Women are lucky to​ have so many choices to​ ponder and indulge .​
Poor men! When a​ woman is​ seriously looking for​ a​ new look,​ hair color is​ sure to​ be on​ her short list .​
Choosing a​ hair color is​ not for​ the​ faint of​ heart .​
If your choice doesn't work out,​ the​ results can be disastrous and more than a​ little difficult to​ fix .​
Let's look at​ some important considerations you'll want to​ keep in​ mind when you​ set out to​ choose a​ hair color.
Unless you're a​ teen on​ a​ lark,​ looking for​ an​ outrageous statement hair color effect,​ you​ need to​ give some thought to​ choose a​ hair color that is​ compatible with your skin tones .​
a​ woman with olive skin tones won't usually be able to​ pull off a​ platinum blonde look .​
The unnatural look causes the​ appearance of​ both skin and hair color to​ suffer .​
You'll also have trouble with your wardrobe as​ a​ result .​
Clothing colors which are flattering to​ your natural hair color and skin may look garish,​ or​ wash out your lovely complexion .​
For the​ most stunning effect,​ choose a​ hair color in​ the​ brunette shades .​
Hair colors that tend towards the​ dark-reddish are beautiful on​ a​ woman with olive skin tones.
The woman with a​ true peaches-and-cream complexion can choose any hair color,​ including black .​
However,​ you​ may want to​ give your wardrobe a​ lookover .​
Some of​ your favorite clothes may not show to​ advantage with a​ different hair color.
Dark-skinned women,​ such as​ African Americans,​ can add subtle sophistication with hair color choices in​ the​ dark-reddish,​ mahogany tones .​
Such colors enhance the​ natural beauty of​ your skin tone .​
Violet and rust are excellent clothing colors for​ you.
If your complexion is​ sallow,​ you​ may choose a​ hair color like strawberry-blond or​ one of​ the​ lighter reds to​ brighten up your skin tone .​
Your wardrobe color choices will likely expand if​ you​ go from a​ medium brown to​ strawberry blond hair color .​
If you​ couldn't wear pastels or​ olive green before,​ those colors may become new and complimentary favorites in​ your closet.
If you​ just not ready for​ a​ complete change of​ hair color,​ highlights and streaking are another attractive option .​
Go to​ the​ salon and ask to​ look at​ their books of​ sample highlighting and streaking effects .​
Find your natural hair color teamed with streaks in​ various tones and pick!
When you've made your decision,​ go to​ a​ salon for​ the​ best results .​
They are pros and do this every day .​
Besides,​ it's fun to​ have your hair done .​
No mess or​ stress and you​ get it​ done right the​ first time .​
To a​ more beautiful you!

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