Choose Antler Lamps Chandeliers With Rawhide Lamp Shades For Southwest
Lighting And Western Decor

Choose Antler Lamps Chandeliers With Rawhide Lamp Shades For Southwest Lighting And Western Decor

Antler Lamps have no equal. Animal lovers and​ outdoorsmen alike love natural antlers. Antler lamps and​ chandeliers are prized possessions for​ southwest lighting and​ western décor. Antler sheds as​ they are know are the antlers that the animal “sheds” naturally each spring. Each year in​ places like Jackson​ Hole, WY antler sheds are gathered to​ be used for​ what has come to​ be called antler art, lamps, furniture etc.

Some of​ the most common​ antler lamps are made with white tail deer sheds. Another very popular and​ beautiful antler lamp is​ made with mule deer sheds which are slightly larger and​ darker in​ tone. The forks and​ tines or​ points of​ the antlers are used to​ give each lamp its own unique look. as​ each antler is​ slightly different, so the lamp made from the antlers is​ a​ one-of-a-kind treasure. The best quality antler lamps are made using techniques of​ drilling and​ patching that show no visible hardware or​ wiring.

Antler lighting is​ absolutely fabulous for​ rustic lighting and​ a​ must for​ log homes, cabins and​ ranches. and​ if​ you​ enjoy southwestern lamps or​ western furniture, antler chandeliers will create the perfect focal point for​ your​ décor. and​ the crowning affects for​ any antler lamp, sconce or​ chandelier is​ genuine rawhide lamp shades. With their hand​ lacing and​ warm glow they perfectly match the antlers and​ can transform the ambiance of​ your​ room to​ a​ southwestern/western hide away wherever you​ are located.

Some of​ the most striking antler chandeliers and​ lamps are made with moose and​ elk sheds. Their larger size allows their use in​ some incredible designs, large floor lamps and​ huge chandeliers and​ antler furniture.

if​ you​ enjoy the out doors and​ rustic lighting, antler chandeliers, sconces and​ lamps with rustic lamp shades made of​ leather and​ rawhide will quickly become your​ most appreciated and​ enjoyed lighting fixtures. With virtually no maintenance necessary, antlers are a​ win, win​ choice.

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