Chiropractic Software Program Comparisons

Chiropractic Software Program Comparisons
It is​ important to​ choose a​ software program based on​ what it​ can offer your practice,​ and not solely on​ cost. it​ is​ understandable that most new chiropractors come out of​ school with a​ lot of​ debt and want to​ get started for as​ little money as​ possible. Scrimping on​ something as​ important as​ your office software could cause you​ big headaches and even more money in​ the​ long run. if​ you​ have to​ upgrade to​ a​ better program,​ not only will you​ have to​ contract workers to​ perform the​ upgrade,​ your office staff will not be able to​ access your records for a​ period of​ time until the​ upgrade process is​ effective. These are thoughts to​ consider when reviewing your software options. Chiropractic software comparison is​ a​ necessary evil when finding your perfect software match.
Weeding through the​ various types of​ programs available can be exhausting. Some programs offer insurance billing specifically,​ while others focus on​ only patient records. Prepare to​ spend several hours in​ reviewing your options and be sure to​ speak with your office staff about their needs. Since the​ staff will be the​ ones using the​ programs,​ it​ is​ absolutely imperative that their input is​ considered. the​ Internet is​ a​ good search tool when looking for chiropractic software comparisons.
One of​ the​ most utilized programs today is​ Eclipse® Practice Management Software. This company has been providing office solutions for over 20 years and has one of​ the​ most comprehensive office management software packages in​ the​ industry. According to​ their website,​ ECLIPSE includes billing,​ scheduling,​ EHR electronic health record,​ daily notes,​ an extensive alerts system,​ certified HIPAA compliant electronic claims & remittance,​ security features that include patient data access tracking to​ help you​ run a​ HIPAA compliant facility,​ and myriad reports finetuned by two decades of​ client feedback. Eclipse also boasts of​ the​ software’s abilities to​ streamline your office records and create a​ virtually paperless office.
Another popular chiropractic software program is​ Lytec®. Founded in​ 1989,​ this company is​ wellknown as​ a​ leader in​ helping chiropractic offices streamline their records and superior customer support. Lytec specializes in​ the​ efficiency of​ patient billing,​ insurance filing and appointment setting. Included in​ their software package is​ a​ patented program called Code Import which loads CPT4,​ ICD9 and HCPCS directly into the​ Lytec software to​ greatly reduce coding errors. Another interesting feature of​ the​ Lytec software program is​ the​ Fee Schedule Import feature. This feature automatically loads Medicare fee schedules into Lytec saving time and improving accuracy.
ChiroSoft® is​ a​ software program designed especially for today’s chiropractic offices. it​ was first launched in​ 1982 and has had over 20 years experience in​ finetuning the​ software for the​ busy chiropractor. One of​ the​ most recognized and appreciated features of​ this program in​ the​ fee slip feature. According to​ their website,​ a​ fee slip is​ printed on​ each patient before they see the​ doctor,​ this allows for easy communication between the​ front desk and the​ chiropractor. the​ front desk must post services into ChiroSoft® to​ cancel out that daily fee slip. This prevents billable services from being missed by the​ office staff. Many chiropractors find this feature very valuable and recommend it​ to​ others.
Chiropractic Complete Max Pro® is​ another widely used software program for chiropractic offices. the​ tagline for this company is​ save time,​ improve efficiency,​ reduce costs,​ increase productivity,​ and maximize profits. This product seems to​ offer a​ variety of​ necessary tools to​ maximize the​ performance of​ the​ chiropractic office. it​ offers flexible appointment scheduling,​ automated payment plans,​ statistical reports,​ the​ ability to​ bundle procedure codes that are used daily for quick reference,​ Multiple case management without creating double patient accounts,​ mailing list creation,​ electronic patient records,​ front desk management,​ and marketing tools. This is​ a​ bundled program that seems to​ offer nearly any tool that a​ chiropractor needs.
Finding the​ appropriate software for your practice can be very time consuming. When you​ first begin your search,​ it​ is​ likely that you​ will be overwhelmed with choices. Remember to​ consult with your office staff to​ determine what their needs may be. That is​ a​ good starting point in​ deciding which programs to​ purchase. Getting the​ right software in​ the​ beginning can save a​ lot of​ trouble in​ the​ future. if​ you​ have to​ change programs,​ you​ will have some lagtime where you​ will not be able to​ access your records. Finding a​ good vendor who understands your needs and who will offer excellent customer support is​ also a​ very important step. it​ may take some time,​ but with all of​ the​ products available on​ the​ market today,​ with a​ little research and thought,​ you​ will find the​ product you​ need to​ make your business successful.

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