Cheap And Fast Software

Cheap and Fast Software
An Introduction to​ Shareware
Visit any computer store today and you'll find what seems like miles and miles of​ software on​ sale .​
Certainly enticing buys,​ there are a​ few problems with buying software off the​ shelves .​
On the​ shelf,​ software - otherwise known as​ commercial software - can be expensive,​ and incompatible,​ and outdated when compared to​ what's available online .​
Fortunately,​ there's an​ alternative to​ commercial software and although it​ isn't new,​ it's one of​ the​ most under-exploited opportunities in​ the​ computer industry .​
We're talking about shareware - software that you​ can try before buying .​
Shareware has a​ long history and was rather popular in​ the​ days where BBS (bulletin board systems) reigned the​ online industry .​
It hasn't gone anywhere,​ but its competition with commercial software is​ fierce - so fierce that it​ tends to​ fall on​ the​ back burner among new computer users .​
This is​ unfortunate because shareware has so many advantages over commercial software.
One of​ those advantages is​ its cost .​
On the​ whole,​ shareware is​ generally cheaper than commercial software .​
But don't misinterpret the​ cost .​
With shareware,​ cheap does not equal low-quality and there are plenty of​ examples that prove shareware often outperforms the​ quality of​ commercial software time and time again .​
How much savings are we talking about? you​ could purchase a​ quality word processor,​ spreadsheet,​ database program,​ or​ system utility anywhere from a​ mere $15 to​ under a​ hundred .​
This is​ almost unheard of​ in​ stores like Best Buy,​ Circuit City,​ or​ Egghead,​ yet the​ shareware programs offered within this price range rival even Microsoft's Office suite.
Another advantage that shareware has over commercial software is​ its compatibility .​
We're not saying that shareware is​ compatible with all operating systems .​
What we're saying is​ that since we can try shareware before paying for it,​ we can determine if​ the​ software is​ completely compatible with our systems first .​
In other words,​ we can discover whether the​ software performs the​ way we want them to​ and should anyone try to​ do the​ same with commercial software,​ they'll be in​ for a​ big disappointment.
Commercial software policy doesn't even allow for returns,​ let alone borrowing them to​ try them.

The last advantage that shareware has over commercial software (but certainly not the​ least) is​ its applicability .​
Plain and simple,​ shareware is​ the​ best bet when you​ want to​ keep on​ top of​ the​ latest release of​ a​ particular program .​
Sure,​ computer stores do their best to​ keep their inventory up to​ date,​ but when you​ can download version 5.6042 of​ a​ shareware program as​ opposed to​ buying a​ commercial 3.0 version from the​ local computer shop,​ there's just no comparison.
Which brings up our next point .​
Just where does one get shareware? Shareware is​ all over the​ Internet and it's really hard not to​ bump into it .​
The most popular places to​ find shareware is​ within thousands of​ download libraries,​ however the​ companies (and even independent programmers behind shareware) are increasingly offering shareware from their own websites .​
a​ simple Google or​ Yahoo search for a​ particular type of​ program will yield all sorts of​ results that point you​ toward items that you​ can try before you​ buy.
Be aware however,​ that because shareware is​ not commercial software,​ you​ may not experience a​ full program the​ way you​ would if​ you​ bought the​ software out of​ a​ box .​
Shareware may or​ may not be limited - meaning that some functions may not be available to​ you​ until the​ program is​ paid for .​
These limitations are often small and don't interfere with the​ way its full version operations .​
They're really just implemented as​ a​ way to​ prompt payment .​
Remember that shareware is​ not freeware .​
You shouldn't try to​ use shareware as​ commercial software without paying for it.
About the​ only thing that's similar between shareware and commercial software is​ the​ way in​ which they may be bought .​
With a​ credit card,​ you​ can be the​ new owner of​ your own software within minutes .​

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