Celebrity Stylist Shares Secrets For Terrific Hair

Celebrity Stylist Shares Secrets For Terrific Hair

Celebrity Stylist Shares Secrets for​ Terrific Hair
Hair care expert Tim Rogers,​ who has among his clients Yoko Ono,​ Missy Rayder,​ Diane Sawyer,​ Kelly Gray,​ Samantha Boardman and Amanda Peet,​ combed through some of​ the​ secrets he gives celebrities when they have a​ bad hair day and came up with a​ few you​ may use
Q. Any advice on​ how I ​ can take better care of​ my hair?
A. Wash hair no more often than every other day. Water can be very drying to​ hair,​ exacerbating frizz and static flyaways. Wash with lukewarm water and always follow with a​ conditioner. Protect colortreated hair. New Results Colour Bright shampoo and conditioner are created specifically for​ treating and protecting multitonal hair shades. Don't forget sunscreen. the​ suns rays can strip away natural oils as​ well as​ the​ pigment that gives hair its color. the​ sun can weaken hair cuticles,​ causing peeling,​ breaking and split ends. Defend hair with a​ hat and products with UV filters and keratin,​ for​ strength and elasticity.
Q. I ​ need a​ new hairstyle. Can you​ help?
A. Take advantage of​ the​ multitude of​ virtual stylists on​ the​ Internet. Web sites like www. smartfixx. com offer comprehensive advice from salon professionals. Online,​ you​ can access info on​ trends 24/7. Theres stepbystep styling advice in​ video you​ can play,​ pause,​ rewind and download to​ see how to​ get the​ look you​ like.
Q. Im thinking of​ changing my hair color from blond to​ red. Whats the​ best way?
A. Redheads arent defined by light or​ dark but by tone. Consider which works with your skin. Glossing treatments deposit tone without lightening hair for​ maximum reflection and minimum damage. Theyre a​ great way to​ deliver customized shades of​ red.
Q. Im a​ guy and I ​ really like my new short hairstyle but it​ requires multiple styling products mostly created for​ women. Are there multipurpose products men can use?
A. Some really great unisex styling lineslike the​ new one from Charles Worthington Londonhave what you​ need. for​ short hair,​ wax sticks or​ gel strips are fantastic multipurpose options for​ keeping hair in​ place,​ taming flyaways or​ giving it​ a​ textured,​ spiky look. My favorite products from this Smart Fixx line are the​ H2O Styling Strips,​ which you​ can get at​ ​Drug​stores. Simply add the​ gel to​ wet hair with your fingertips. the​ strips come in​ a​ convenient pocket pack for​ onthego styling.
Condition for​ your hair type,​ says celebrity stylist Tim Rogers.

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