Celebrity Colorist Shares Insider Tips For Maintaining Beautiful Hair Color

Celebrity Colorist Shares Insider Tips for​ Maintaining Beautiful Hair Color
Every season,​ women take a​ page from fashion magazines and update their clothes,​ shoes and makeup while overlooking their greatest accessory hair color. Some women Don't realize that hair color,​ like perfectly shaped eyebrows,​ can actually define a​ womans look. While a​ change of​ season becomes an opportunity to​ experiment,​ its important to​ not only know the​ basics behind colortreating tresses,​ but also the​ process of​ maintaining it.
My clients are always asking how they can sustain color and keep it​ from fading,​ says Pantene Celebrity Colorist Rita Hazan. I ​ always emphasize that there is​ no use spending a​ lot of​ money to​ color your hair if​ you​ arent going to​ follow the​ right steps and use products to​ actually make the​ challenge of​ retaining deep,​ radiant color effortless.
Here,​ Hazan shares some simple tips on​ how to​ ensure your hair color is​ rich,​ vibrant and healthy looking
Lifestyle Lesson Before making any color changes,​ realistically think about your lifestyle and how much time you​ can commit to​ maintenance and care. Adventurous types who are up for​ the​ challenge can consider making a​ more drastic change,​ while lowmaintenance girls should probably aim for​ an easiertomanage color process such as​ highlights.
Maintenance Must to​ keep color from fading or​ looking dull between salon visits,​ proper maintenance is​ a​ must. Always use products designed specially for​ colortreated hair. for​ the​ 33 percent of​ women who complain that their blonde highlights turn brassy,​ try the​ new Pantene ProV Blonde Expressions Highlight Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner,​ designed to​ enhance blonde tones and protect against damaging elements such as​ mineral deposits and dulling residues.
Extra TLC Colortreated strands require a​ little extra care during daily hair care routines. Instead of​ rubbing hair vigorously after washing,​ gently pat it​ dry to​ prevent color from looking faded. Always use a​ rinseout conditioner on​ colortreated manes and let hair airdry for​ a​ few minutes whenever possible before blowdrying so that you​ use less heat and keep more moisture intact for​ vivid,​ healthylooking color.
Hydrate,​ Hydrate,​ Hydrate Hair loses moisture during the​ colortreating process and as​ a​ result women are left with thirsty,​ strawlike tresses. Try using a​ deepconditioning treatment once a​ week to​ keep hair hydrated,​ shiny and healthy. Massage treatment through strands from root to​ tip and make sure to​ leave in​ for​ 30 minutes so that it​ deeply penetrates hair.

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