Causes And Treatment For Hair Loss

Causes and Treatment for​ Hair Loss
On average,​ people lose about 10% of​ their hair during a​ resting phase. Then after about three months,​ resting hair falls out and new hair begins to​ grow. the​ phase of​ new growing hair typically lasts anywhere from two to​ six years with hair growing about onehalf to​ oneinch per month. the​ interesting thing is​ that as​ much as​ 90% of​ hair on​ your head is​ growing at​ any given time.
Shedding hair is​ a​ normal process. in​ fact,​ on​ a​ normal day,​ you​ would lose about 100 hairs although more if​ you​ were actually going through significant hair loss. Now,​ hair loss is​ usually associated with men but women can also go through hair loss. the​ cause of​ excessive hair loss could be a​ number of​ things. for​ starters,​ if​ you​ have undergone major surgery or​ illness,​ you​ might lose more hair for​ the​ following three months than you​ normally do because of​ stress.
Another common cause of​ excessive hair loss is​ due to​ hormonal changes within the​ body. This in​ itself could be from several things such as​ having a​ baby,​ dealing with an under or​ overly active thyroid,​ having estrogen or​ androgens out of​ balance,​ and so on. Then,​ certain types of​ ​Drug​s can also cause hair loss. in​ this case,​ once the​ medication is​ stopped,​ the​ excessive hair loss usually stops as​ well. the​ most common culprits include blood thinners,​ chemotherapy,​ excessive vitamin A,​ antidepressants,​ gout medication,​ and birth control pills.
Then,​ if​ you​ have a​ fungal infection of​ the​ scalp,​ you​ might also find your hair falling out more than usual. Finally,​ underlying disease can also be a​ challenge. for​ instance,​ if​ you​ are living with something such as​ diabetes,​ lupus,​ or​ another autoimmune disease,​ excessive hair loss is​ common. Remember,​ by taking the​ right medication to​ treat the​ problem,​ hair growth generally returns to​ normal.
Although some types of​ hair loss are genetic,​ you​ can also do a​ few things to​ help slow down or​ stop the​ process. for​ starters,​ avoid wearing your hair in​ cornrows,​ ponytails,​ or​ hot rollers,​ which tend to​ pull and stretch hair to​ the​ point of​ breakage. in​ addition,​ if​ hair follicles should become inflamed,​ excessive hair loss may occur. in​ this case,​ having your hair permed,​ colored,​ or​ treated with hot oil could be damaging. the​ key here is​ to​ only,​ have a​ professional work on​ your hair,​ using professional and safe products.
If the​ hair loss is​ extreme and you​ have tried everything you​ know from eating healthy to​ using good hair care products but nothing is​ working,​ you​ might visit with your doctor. First,​ he or​ she will look at​ what is​ going on​ with your body to​ see if​ medication,​ infection,​ or​ illness could be the​ problem. if​ not,​ blood work may be performed to​ look further at​ a​ possible cause. in​ some cases,​ your doctor may prescribe certain medication such as​ hormones for​ an imbalance or​ antibiotics for​ an infection. Other than that,​ you​ will find a​ number of​ excellent products now on​ the​ market that can help maintain the​ current amount of​ hair and in​ some cases,​ help with regrowth.

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