Casting Off And Setting Sail Taking Off The Mask Moving Ahead Making A Difference Serving

Casting Off And Setting Sail Taking Off The Mask Moving Ahead Making A
Difference Serving

you​ have dreams, don't you? Perhaps, as​ mine once were, they have been obscured by time, hidden in​ the dark recesses of​ your​ mind, or​ slumbering undisturbed in​ your​ heart. Have you​ forgotten them entirely? or​ occasionally, do they cross your​ mind, peek out from their hiding places, making a​ timid leap in​ your​ bosom, only to​ be hushed silent by you​ again​ and​ again.

There is​ something about the spirit of​ man that denies total unconsciousness. There is​ something about the spirit of​ man that defies stagnation. Fight as​ we may, "you​ can't do that!" "You'd never achieve that!" "You're too old now!" "You're not good enough, bright enough, talented enough!" yet, we cannot hush the gentle whispers that come in​ more quiet moments. They vigilantly reappear like old friends, don't they?

You've felt that surge of​ hope at​ times. Someone taking time to​ believe in​ you, to​ remind you​ of​ your​ incredible worth. And, for​ a​ moment--a priceless moment in​ time--you​ believed, too. you​ smiled. you​ closed your​ eyes. you​ imagined. you​ hoped. your​ dreams came alive again​ and​ the world was your​ oyster! and​ then you​ opened your​ eyes and​ your​ smile faded, your​ vision​ vanished, your​ hope disappeared.

Isn't it​ time to​ get off the merry-go-round? this​ is​ your​ life! this​ is​ your​ moment! Every day is​ your​ "present" to​ unwrap and​ receive. it​ belongs only to​ you, and​ you​ may do with it​ as​ you​ please. Do you​ want to​ be happy? Here is​ the secret: Smile and​ be happy. it​ is​ that simple. There is​ nothing you​ have to​ do! you​ can only receive from life that which you​ give to​ life! So, be happy! Smile. Be successful! Give of​ your​ abundance. Live your​ dreams! Dream bigger! Plan your​ work and​ work your​ plan. So what if​ you​ fall short! if​ you​ aim for​ the moon​ and​ miss, you​ still land​ among the stars! Be a​ star!

I decided to​ do just that in​ my own life. I took the risk and​ believed I was worth it. I got out there and​ I'm still out there. I am having the time of​ my life. No more, "I wish I'd done this" or​ "I wish I'd done that." I'm doing it. I'm being it. I untied the life-line--that which I erroneously held as​ my "needs" and​ cast off and​ set sail.

Dark, threatening skies loomed at​ times, close calls against rocky shoals, surging swells and​ thunderous storms came and​ went. That is​ true still, but (and​ what comes after but is​ the most important part of​ any statement) also there are billowing sails full of​ wind to​ travel onward, puffy white clouds to​ enchant and​ inspire, warm gentle winds to​ caress and​ encourage, clear blue water to​ heal and​ refresh, breath-taking sunrises and​ sunsets to​ touch the soul, and, Oh! The stars! The stars of​ anticipated desire and​ destination!

How dare I? Who do I think I am? Just what makes me think I am so special? I'll tell you​ what it​ was…. I listened finally. I listened to​ that still small voice. you​ know, the one that kept coming back time and​ time again. The one that made me smile. The one that made me close my eyes and​ imagine. The one that gave me hope. The one that reminded me of​ my dream. The one that said, "The world is​ your​ oyster!" I took that priceless moment and​ I listened.

Are you​ listening now? Do you​ have a​ dream? Think. Think hard. Who was it​ you​ wanted to​ be? What did you​ really want to​ do with your​ life? What kind of​ person​ did you​ want to​ be? What kind of​ personality did you​ want to​ have? What talents do you​ possess? Which ones did you​ yearn to​ develop? What do you​ like about yourself? What is​ it​ that other people see in​ you? What is​ it​ they seek from you? That is​ who you​ really are. That is​ who you​ can become. Those are your​ gifts. Those are your​ dreams.

Time to​ take off the mask. Really. Haven't you​ been wearing it​ long enough? There is​ nothing to​ fear but fear itself. it​ comes in​ basically two forms, as​ I've learned it. Fear of​ defilement and​ fear of​ insufficient love. Defilement? Yes, fear of​ being contaminated, manipulated, cut-off, cut-out, isolated. That is​ the fear of​ being hurt. Then the fear of​ insufficient love. Really, that is​ just an​ extreme version​ of​ the fear of​ defilement.

So let's do a​ brief analysis, okay? Contaminated? Hmmm. The option​ is​ hiding and​ quarantining ourselves. Not likely to​ happen whether we're living our dreams or​ someone else's. Manipulated? Now that's a​ strong possibility. Why do I say that, you​ ask? Simply answered, everyone is​ a​ salesman…Everyone! They are selling what they think, what they believe, and​ what they think you​ should think. So, again, whether you​ are or​ are not living your​ dream, you​ will be dealing with manipulation. Cut-off, cut-out, isolated. Heck, you've already done that to​ yourself--you've cut yourself off from, out from and​ isolated from the very essence of​ who you​ want to​ be. Two steps forward and​ one step back and​ you've made a​ little progress…. You'll only get closer by beginning.

The fear of​ insufficiency. Insufficiency of​ love. I suggest that first one must love oneself and​ only then can they give and​ receive love from others. if​ you​ haven't yet been kind enough, caring enough, loving enough of​ yourself to​ allow yourself to​ follow your​ dreams, then truly you​ are living an​ illusion​ of​ insufficiency. The illusion​ is​ that the love and​ the sufficiency doesn't begin​ or​ end out there. The magic is, it​ begins and​ ends with you. you​ have the power and​ total control to​ live outside the illusion​ and​ with the ultimate truth of​ sufficiency, abundance and​ love.

Take off your​ mask and​ look in​ the mirror. Really look. No! Don't turn away. Look. Now keep looking. Look for​ at​ least a​ minute. No glancing away. Hold your​ own gaze…. Who is​ that wonderful person​ in​ there? Ask. Keep looking. Do this​ daily. Do it​ morning and​ night. That's your​ very best friend in​ there. your​ friend believes in​ you​ even when you​ don't. it​ hears all the negative self-talk…you​ can't, you​ can't, you​ can't. and​ it​ responds with: Yes, you​ can. Yes, you​ can. Yes, you​ can. and​ your​ best friend will keep telling you​ that, even when you​ don't want to​ hear. Look again. There you​ are.

Now you've got it. Now you're starting to​ believe. Hold on​ to​ that. Put it​ in​ your​ pocket. Tuck it​ in​ your​ heart. Fill your​ mind with it. Now get going. Plan your​ work. Quick…what could you​ do with this​ feeling? How could you​ make today different from the rest. The day is​ yours! It's all yours! it​ is​ your​ "present" and​ you've opened it. Now, what is​ it? What difference can you​ make in​ your​ own world today?

Is it​ a​ smile for​ someone sad? is​ it​ a​ visit with someone lonely? is​ it​ a​ stop for​ donuts on​ the way for​ the team? is​ it​ a​ romantic phone call over lunch with your​ spouse? is​ it​ a​ poem that's been drifting through your​ thoughts? Signing up for​ a​ class you'd like to​ take? Volunteering at​ school? The hospital? The retirement home? Talking with a​ teen? Helping out a​ friend? Playing a​ game with the family? Reading your​ favorite book? Setting some new goals? Joining a​ group? a​ memory to​ share? a​ story to​ tell? a​ lullaby or​ bedtime story? Taking time for​ yourself to​ think? to​ exercise? to​ meditate? to​ pray? to​ reflect? to​ journal?

you​ decide what difference believing in​ yourself will make. you​ decide who you​ are, what you​ want to​ do and​ who you​ can become. you​ create it. There is​ no insufficiency. When you​ love yourself, you​ make all the difference in​ your​ world. and​ when you​ make a​ difference, that is​ called serving. How easy was that! you​ believed in​ yourself. you​ loved yourself. you​ made a​ difference in​ your​ own world, and​ consequently, you​ have made a​ difference in​ the world and​ have served others.

Serving is​ the by-product of​ love. it​ is​ love's synergy in​ action. Like a​ bumblebee doing the work of​ pollinating flowers as​ it​ feeds on​ their nectar. Believing is​ the nectar of​ love. Drink of​ this​ nectar and​ your​ cup will overflow. you​ will love, you​ will make a​ difference, you​ will serve. Take time to​ listen to​ that voice, "Yes, you​ can. Yes, you​ can. Yes, you​ can." you​ really can!

"Until one is​ committed, there is​ hesitancy, the chance to​ draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of​ initiative (and​ creation) there is​ one elementary truth, the ignorance of​ which kills countless ideas and​ splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of​ things occur to​ help one that would never otherwise have occurred. a​ whole stream of​ events issues from the decision, raising in​ one's favor all manner of​ unforeseen incidents and​ meetings and​ material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way."

by William H. Murray (from his book "The Scottish Himalayan Expedition"):

and​ one of​ Goethe's couplets:

"Whatever you​ can do, or​ dream you​ can, begin​ it. Boldness has genius, power, and​ magic in​ it."

Casting Off And Setting Sail Taking Off The Mask Moving Ahead Making A
Difference Serving

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