Cash Advance Company Comparing Payday Loan Companies Online

Cash Advance Company - Comparing Payday Loan Companies Online
Comparing payday loan companies online saves you​ time and money .​
By researching rates,​ fees,​ and terms,​ you​ can find the​ best cash advance company .​
According to​ federal law,​ payday loan lenders must post their rates and fees so you​ can make comparisons .​
Researching Rates
Cash advance companies are required to​ post their rate by an​ annual percent rate .​
In other words,​ they list the​ lending rate for the​ whole year .​
Payday loans are intended to​ provide a​ cash advance for a​ short period,​ usually just until your next pay period .​
But if​ you​ find you​ need more time,​ you​ can arrange that with your lender.
Listed APR’s do allow you​ to​ make quick comparisons of​ rates since all lender’s have to​ follow this standard .​
With a​ quick check of​ the​ numbers,​ you​ can find low interest rates .​
However,​ that is​ not the​ only factor to​ consider.
Identify Fees
Fees are another way cash advance companies make money .​
They may come in​ the​ form of​ an​ application or​ processing fee .​
Some lenders will waive this fee if​ it​ is​ your first time using their services .​
You can also find lenders who don’t charge any fees .​
These lenders usually charge higher interest rates.
Look for a​ company that charges low fees .​
Fees can sometimes cost more than the​ interest charges .​
When choosing a​ payday loan lender,​ be sure that the​ interest rates are also low.
Consider Other Factors
You should also consider the​ convenience of​ the​ application process and minimum requirements .​
There are two types of​ online applications,​ fax and no fax .​
Faxed applications require copies of​ your picture id,​ usually a​ driver’s license,​ past bank records,​ and pay stubs .​
a​ person will then review your application for approval .​
a​ no fax application simply requires you​ to​ fill out an​ application online,​ which is​ verified through databases .​
There is​ no credit check involved and you​ can receive a​ virtually instant approval.
Lenders also vary in​ their minimum requirements .​
You may be required to​ have been employed for two to​ four months .​
Other lenders just require you​ to​ have a​ regular income,​ which could be a​ social security or​ pension check .​
Some lenders check if​ you​ have any outstanding checks or​ payday loans .​
Others just check that you​ have an​ open checking account .​
So before you​ sign for your cash advance,​ check to​ see that you​ meet the​ requirements.
To view our list of​ recommended cash advance lenders online,​ visit this page:

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