Care And Maintenance Of Cork Flooring

Care And Maintenance Of Cork Flooring

Many people think of​ a​ bulletin​ board when they think of​ cork flooring. this​ is​ not the case at​ all. this​ material is​ beautiful and​ available in​ a​ wide variety of​ colors and​ shades, from very light to​ dark. There is​ a​ cork floor to​ match any home décor. it​ also comes in​ a​ wide variety of​ textures and​ patterns, including marble and​ wood grain​ patterns that resemble pergo flooring.

Benefits of​ Cork Flooring

Cork is​ a​ great insulating material. it​ keeps your​ home warmer in​ the winter and​ cooler in​ the summer. The energy efficiency aids in​ cutting energy bills in​ the winter. it​ is​ much more energy efficient than either Armstrong laminate flooring or​ discount wood flooring. Cork is​ also good for​ sound insulation. it​ helps cut down noise from another room, or​ another floor.

this​ material is​ softer on​ your​ feet than ceramic tile, bellawood or​ any other wood or​ stone flooring material. this​ is​ more comfortable in​ the kitchen, when you​ may spend a​ lot of​ time on​ your​ feet. in​ addition, if​ you​ drop a​ dish, it​ won’t break as​ easily as​ it​ would on​ a​ tile or​ stone floor. Another benefit, cork is​ naturally fire retardant.

Cork is​ also good for​ the environment. it​ is​ made from the bark of​ the cork oak tree. These trees grow primarily in​ Spain​ and​ Portugal. The trees are not cut down. The bark is​ stripped away, without killing the tree. it​ immediately begins to​ grow back and​ can be peeled again​ about every nine years. this​ flooring does not contribute to​ deforestation, which is​ considered a​ big problem on​ our planet today.

Installing Cork Flooring

Installation​ is​ done by either nailing or​ gluing down the material. it​ can be installed over wood or​ concrete. It’s important to​ be sure the subfloor is​ completely dry. Applying a​ sealer before installing the floor helps prepare the surface and​ controls moisture. Peel and​ stick cork tiles are also available for​ easy installation.

Spread the adhesive on​ the subfloor with a​ paint roller. Once the tiles are laid, you​ will hardly see the seams. a​ razor knife can be used to​ cut tiles to​ fit around corners or​ angles in​ the room. Once the tiles are laid, you​ will need to​ roll the floor with a​ 100 pound floor roller. These can be rented from most places where other tools are rented. a​ clear urethane can be applied over the floor for​ added protection.

Cork is​ fairly easy to​ clean and​ maintain. Sweep with a​ broom to​ remove debris. you​ can mop the floor with a​ damp mop as​ needed. The finish may begin​ to​ wear off after several years. Floor sanders can be used to​ sand​ the floor lightly. Reapply a​ coat of​ urethane after sanding to​ protect the floor. you​ can apply several coats, sanding lightly between each coat, for​ added protection. Several coats of​ clear urethane will make the floor more water resistant.

Care And Maintenance Of Cork Flooring

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