Car Maintenance Tips For Safer Road Trips

People across the country are packing up their cars and​ hitting the road for​ their summer vacations. But with gas prices on​ the rise and​ AAA predicting more than 7.5 million​ vehicle breakdowns over the warmer months, it's important to​ make sure that your​ vehicle is​ prepared.

Firestone Tire & Service Centers provide these tips to​ get your​ vehicle ready to​ hit the road.

Begin​ by taking your​ car to​ a​ certified automotive technician for​ a​ full checkup to​ ensure that the engine, battery, exhaust system and​ cooling system are in​ good working order and​ the main​ fluids are filled to​ the recommended levels. you​ can find a​ technician in​ your​ area by visiting

this​ is​ the perfect time of​ year to​ check your​ vehicle's cooling system. The cooling system of​ most cars requires a​ 50/50 mixture of​ water and​ antifreeze, which should be flushed once every two years. Have a​ technician determine if​ your​ car is​ ready for​ a​ system flush; this​ preventive maintenance step can save you​ from an​ inconvenient roadside breakdown and​ a​ big repair bill in​ the future.

It also is​ essential to​ make sure that your​ tires are properly inflated, rotated, aligned and​ replaced as​ necessary. Under-inflated tires will actually decrease your​ vehicle's gas mileage and​ shorten the life of​ your​ tires. a​ label on​ the driver's inside door jamb, glove compartment door or​ fuel door lists recommended tire pressures for​ different speeds and​ loads. Never use the "max pressure" number found on​ the sidewall of​ your​ tire.

Check your​ tire pressure at​ least monthly and​ always when your​ tires are cold (driven less than 1 mile or​ stationary for​ at​ least three hours).

and​ watch your​ tire tread. Worn tires can be extremely dangerous on​ wet road surfaces. "Wear bars" - small raised points of​ rubber in​ the grooves - will show up when tires are worn. if​ the tread is​ the same height as​ the wear bars, it's time for​ a​ new tire.

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