Can Too Little Protein Cause Hair Loss

Can Too Little Protein Cause Hair Loss

Can Too Little Protein Cause Hair Loss?
Hair usually grows about half an inch per month,​ although this slows as​ you​ age. Each hair remains on​ your head for​ two to​ six years,​ and during most of​ this time is​ continually growing.
But many factors can disrupt this cycle. the​ result can be that your hair falls out early or​ isnt replaced.
A new discovery has been made in​ finding out what actually causes hair loss,​ namely the​ hardening of​ collagen. Persons who do not suffer from hair loss have supple collagen and persons who begin showing signs of​ hair loss have hardened collagen. Collagen hardening interferes with the​ healthy functioning of​ the​ hair roots. the​ vital exchange process of​ the​ hair follicle cycle is​ disrupted and the​ hair becomes suffocated.
But What Causes Hair Loss?
Diet Too little protein in​ your diet can lead to​ hair shedding. So can too little iron. Bottom line Too strenuous dieting can result in​ hair loss! if​ you​ want to​ lose weight,​ do it​ the​ sensible way,​ especially if​ you​ have a​ hair thinning/loss problem to​ begin with.
Childbirth Some women lose large amounts of​ hair within two to​ three months after delivery.
Hot Tips!
One great tip is​ after washing your hair,​ dry it​ in​ whatever manner you​ normally do. Then turn your head upside down,​ give your head a​ vigorous shake,​ and once back in​ a​ standing position,​ either place your hair using your fingers,​ rather than a​ brush or​ comb. you​ can also use a​ hair pick to​ style your hair. the​ upside down,​ shaking,​ also gives a​ great deal of​ fullness to​ otherwise flat looking thin hair. Youd be amazed at​ how creative you​ can be with your fingers without pulling at​ the​ root of​ the​ hair!
To protect hair,​ the​ best practice is​ to​ shampoo only when hair is​ dirty. Because fine hair gets dirty faster,​ people with finetextured hair need to​ shampoo more frequently even though fine hair breaks more easily.
For that reason,​ finetextured hair benefits from a​ good shampoo and volumebuilding conditioner

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