Can The Iphone Connect With Ipod Accessories

Can The Iphone Connect With Ipod Accessories

Can the​ iPhone connect with iPod Accessories
If you are a​ new owner of​ an​ apple iPhone,​ than you have probably not let your new cell phone leave your hands for several days .​
This is​ to​ be expected,​ however,​ many people have questions concerning their new iPhone and its compatibility with other electronic devices,​ especially those within the​ Apple product family .​
Perhaps the​ most widely asked question about the​ new iPhone's is​ whether or​ not they are compatible with other iPod accessories? While many people may think that they wouldn't be compatible,​ they are greatly mistaking .​

All of​ the​ iPhone's are compatible with most iPod accessories,​ thus making your iPhone even more convenient and user friendly .​
But another question that many people still have is​ what exact iPod accessories can you use with your new iPhone? Of course,​ many people love to​ use their iPods not only for personal music enjoyment,​ but also to​ feel a​ party with their favorite tunes .​
And if​ you no longer carry around your iPod,​ but rather your iPhone,​ you may be worried that you aren't going to​ be able to​ connect your iPhone to​ the​ speaker system your iPod used to​ connect with .​
Yet,​ with all it's amazing glory,​ the​ iPhone has the​ same connectivity port as​ the​ iPhone,​ thus it​ will connect seamlessly to​ any iPod speaker systems as​ well as​ car docks .​

Of course,​ there are some accessories that have been altered to​ better fit the​ iPhone .​
You are able to​ use standard headphones with the​ iPhone,​ however,​ if​ a​ call comes through,​ than you may experience slight difficulty taking the​ headphones out and answering the​ phone .​
This is​ why Apple has made a​ set of​ headphones that are designed to​ work seamlessly with the​ iPhone .​
These amazing headphones provide you with excellent sound quality,​ however,​ they also have a​ microphone built into the​ cord,​ thus when you receive a​ phone call,​ your song is​ paused and you are able to​ answer the​ phone,​ as​ well as​ end the​ call,​ by clicking a​ small button on​ the​ microphone .​
Another great feature about these headphones is​ the​ fact that you are able to​ hear your friends through more than one ear,​ which is​ a​ very unique,​ and interesting,​ experience .​

Another reason why this iPhone headphone set is​ such a​ great accessory for your product is​ because it​ provides you with safety .​
How many times have you been driving throughout traffic only to​ miss your exit or​ almost hit another vehicle because you were focused on​ holding your cell phone? While it​ is​ advised that you never drive while talking on​ your phone,​ for working professionals,​ and those with a​ booming social life,​ this is​ not a​ possibility .​
Thus,​ you need a​ product that allows you to​ have both hands on​ the​ steering wheel,​ as​ well as​ the​ freedom t move your head back and forth to​ view all traffic around you.
With the​ iPhone headphones,​ you are able to​ keep your conversations moving forward,​ without having to​ worry about holding your cell phone .​
the​ added benefit of​ this is​ great because not only will you be able to​ talk with your business partners,​ or​ friends,​ in​ true stereo,​ but you are also able to​ focus completely on​ the​ road and not on​ holding your cell phone .​

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