Call Accounting Software For Every Enterprise

Call Accounting Software For Every Enterprise

Call Accounting Software for Every Enterprise
Communication facilities are the​ lifeline of​ most successful businesses and often the​ most difficult to​ manage .​
The success of​ any organization is​ directly related to​ its ability to​ address the​ changing needs of​ its people and customers .​
Management of​ telephone charges,​ equipment fees,​ VoIP traffic,​ internet usage,​ and provider discounts is​ a​ difficult task .​
Most communication managers demand the​ necessary tools to​ allow administrators to​ monitor,​ evaluate,​ forecast and allocate communications management services and expenses.
Communications facilities are continuing to​ evolve at​ a​ rapid rate .​
Call accounting is​ generally the​ centerpiece of​ a​ complete communication management solution (CMS) to​ allow customers to​ track,​ process and allocate communications transactions (analog,​ VoIP and data).
Communications transactions are generally delivered to​ call accounting systems where this information is​ processed real-time,​ summarized or​ submitted to​ a​ central server for multi-site consolidation.
For many years,​ long distance traffic was monopolized by the​ major telephone companies .​
Today,​ the​ complex and competitive sphere of​ alternate services,​ long distance carriers and countless discount strategies leaves most customers baffled about best available savings .​
a​ robust call accounting system will provide a​ concise unbiased picture of​ comparative rate structures using concrete historical data.
Customer relationship management is​ fundamental to​ the​ success of​ many organizations .​
Shadow CMS utilizes calling line information delivered the​ telephone system for comprehensive inbound traffic analysis .​
These reports assist in​ designing regional campaigns,​ network planning and call center staffing.
Network performance is​ critical in​ a​ call center,​ emergency dispatch service,​ hospitality,​ government or​ even a​ small business .​
Call accounting produces statistics for trunk usage,​ grade of​ service,​ all trunks busy and peak/busy hour analysis .​
Call accounting pinpoints over or​ under capacity environments .​
Many organizations struggle with workforce management and productivity .​
Good call accounting software provides exception management reports which highlight long duration,​ excessive cost and misdialed calls .​
Each call may be pinpointed to​ a​ particular password,​ account code,​ extension or​ authorization number .​
Call accounting provides detailed telephone charges reports,​ which highlight usage practices
Professional services firms often face the​ tedious task of​ allocating communications expenses to​ customer account files .​
Call accounting delivers expense account code,​ password or​ authorization code reports .​
These results can be automatically directed to​ accounting systems,​ spreadsheets,​ HTML,​ email and a​ variety of​ other formats.
In hospitality environments,​ information is​ processed in​ real time,​ assigned a​ cost and immediately delivered to​ property management room folios for true billing integration.
A robust call accounting system provides a​ series of​ sophisticated traffic analysis reports (that utilize CCS,​ Erlang and Erlang B) to​ determine network efficiency and alternate cost modeling for facility planning .​
In retail and direct customer service environments,​ a​ call accounting system should extendsits communications analysis to​ custom call routing (CCR),​ voice mail and interactive voice recognition reporting (IVR) .​
This paints a​ total picture of​ communication activity,​

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