Cake Decorating Tips And Ideas

Cake decorating tips and​ ideas
Everyone loves to​ eat cake, which is​ nicely and​ perfectly decorated .​
But due to​ lack of​ decorating skill ones wish is​ not fulfilled up to​ the maximum level .​
Check out for​ some cake decorating tips that can help to​ make your​ cake more delicious.
Cake decorating tips and​ Ideas
Baking cakes can be difficult but decorating them can be more challenging .​
While decorating a​ cake one has to​ take into consideration​ number of​ factors like flavor, texture and​ design of​ the cake .​
Its very important that you​ know from where you​ have to​ start the cake decoration​ .​
this​ article can help you​ with some useful tips that can help you​ on​ your​ way to​ decorating sweet masterpieces.
• It’s very important that you​ allow the cake to​ cool down after it​ is​ baked .​
Give yourself at​ least 30 minutes before starting to​ apply frosting on​ the cake .​
• you​ can use a​ whipped cream frosting to​ smoothen the decorating process .​
• It would be advisable to​ start from the corners of​ the cake - they are hardest to​ frost
• Frost the sides of​ the cake with lots of​ icing and​ steady hands .​
Start icing with thin​ layers before moving to​ the thicker ones.
• Apply dollops of​ icing in​ the corners and​ in​ the middle of​ the cake.
• Make sure the knife only touches the frosting part and​ not the cake.
• you​ can apply icing to​ the cake as​ necessary .​
Be careful not to​ smear the icing that you​ already applied.
• Use strokes to​ spread the icing on​ the cake .​
if​ the icing is​ difficult to​ spread try dipping your​ knife in​ hot water, which makes the icing spread faster .​
• Style the frosting once it​ is​ applied by using a​ fork across the top of​ the cake to​ create a​ lattice effect .​
you​ can also use a​ knife to​ create swirls along the top edges of​ the cake.

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