Cake Decorating Ideas

My mother always said that once you​ learned to​ bake, the rest was – well – just icing on​ the cake .​
I​ have always subscribed to​ this​ philosophy as​ a​ homemaker, and​ mother of​ three .​
Many of​ the neighborhood parents like to​ go out to​ the shops and​ buy their kids cakes, but not me .​
At first they were disappointed .​
My youngest, on​ her fifth birthday, tried to​ pick out a​ Barbie cake from the local Baskin​ Robbins, and​ practically threw a​ crying fit when I​ told her, No way, Jose .​
Then I​ smiled and​ told her that I​ would make one myself .​
I​ had the perfect cake decorating ideas to​ make it​ a​ birthday to​ remember.
Cake decorating ideas are easy for​ young children .​
What do they like? Flowers, hearts, simple designs, and​ figurines .​
But for​ the Barbie cake, I​ had some cake decorating ideas that were barely short of​ completely inspired, and​ that is​ no lie at​ all .​
I​ took some miniature figurines that I​ found at​ a​ craft store that looked just like barbies .​
I​ then got a​ pink toy car and​ put it​ in​ the middle of​ the cake, filled with the little barbies .​
Around that car I​ put hearts, flowers, and​ little ice cream cones filled to​ the brim with frosting .​
Sure, my cake decorating idea did not stick exactly to​ the theme, but do you​ think I​ got any objections? As I​ said to​ my daughter, no way, Jose .​
My cake decorating ideas worked brilliantly
There are thousands upon​ thousands of​ cake decorating ideas for​ every occasion​ .​
on​ our anniversary, I​ baked my husband​ his favorite .​
It was a​ German chocolate cake with shaved dark chocolate on​ top .​
Just thinking about it​ makes my mouth water, even now! It was delicious .​
Now most cake decorating ideas for​ an​ anniversary will call for​ really fancy calligraphic lettering that looks all nice and​ formal .​
But not for​ my husband​ .​
Sometimes the best cake decorating ideas are the ones that show that you​ know someone .​
I​ used those little candy letters that they use on​ kids cakes .​
He just loves to​ eat them, and​ I​ can barely keep him away from them at​ the kids birthday parties .​
Another one of​ my cake decorating ideas that was quite a​ success .​
Let me just say to​ you​ that our anniversary went off without a​ hitch, and​ I​ ain't kidding .​
It was wonderful!

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