Cake Decorating Childrens Birthday Cakes

Cake Decorating - Children's Birthday Cakes
Cake decorating Equipment: When you​ are decorating for​ birthdays and​ the holidays, you​ don't need every cake decorating tool out there, but you​ do need a​ few basics .​
The following are a​ must for​ cake decorating.
- Rubber Spatulas: These spatulas are made of​ flexible material and​ they are the best for​ scraping cake and​ frosting bowls.
- Metal Spatulas: Every cake decorator needs one large and​ one small angled spatula to​ spread and​ smooth frosting on​ your​ cake .​
To keep your​ cake from crumbling, use the small metal spatula to​ carefully spread a​ thin​ layer of​ frosting on​ the cake .​
this​ is​ followed by a​ normal layer of​ frosting .​
- Piping Bags: you​ can purchase reusable 8 inch, 12 inch, and​ 18 inch bags, or​ disposable plastic bags, for​ cake decorating .​
Zip-lock bags will work in​ a​ pinch.
- Couplers: Coupling nozzles are needed to​ hold the icing tips in​ the bag .​
They allow you​ to​ change tips when you​ need to .​
- Food coloring paste, gel, or​ powder: These food colorings are more concentrated than liquid, and​ they will not thin​ the icing.
Important tips for​ cake decorating
1 .​
All ingredients should be at​ room temperature, as​ they will mix much better than when they are cold.
2 .​
Always use and​ electric beater when mixing the cake .​
you​ will have less lumps than if​ you​ beat it​ by hand.
3 .​
you​ really need a​ wire rack to​ invert and​ cool your​ cakes.
4 .​
Trim your​ cake so it​ will sit flat .​
Never use this​ part of​ the cake as​ the top, always use the smoother side of​ the cake to​ decorate with icing.
5 .​
To reduce crumbling, bake your​ cake the day before you​ will be decorating it​ and​ place it​ in​ the freezer until you​ are ready to​ frost it .​
When you​ take it​ out frost it​ right away.
6 .​
you​ can purchase cake boards from any hobby or​ cake decorating shop .​
you​ can also cover a​ large piece of​ stiff cardboard with colored foil and​ use that instead.
7 .​
a​ great icing for​ cake decorating is​ Butter Cream, especially for​ a​ child's birthday cake.
8 .​
Cut strips of​ waxed paper and​ place them under the unfrosted cake .​
When you​ are done with your​ cake decorating they will pull out easily and​ the cake board will not be smeared.
These are the basic tools that everyone needs for​ cake decorating .​
The tips given are meant to​ make it​ a​ bit easier to​ ice your​ child's birthday cake .​
It doesn't matter whether you​ have decorated a​ cake before, there are many sites on​ the internet that will give you​ ideas for​ cake decorating .​
and​ others that will take you​ step-by-step through the decorating project.
My advice is​ to​ gather as​ many useful tips that you​ can and​ keep them in​ a​ little booklet .​
When you​ run into a​ problem, you​ can consult the book .​
I​ know that anyone who has a​ desire to​ learn cake decoration, can do so just by visiting the various sites that are available to​ show you​ how to​ go about cake decorating.

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