Build Your Self Esteem

Build Your Self Esteem

Some people seem to​ have been born with a​ great deal of​ self-confidence. this​ is​ not really the case, although a​ healthy self-esteem does stem from childhood. Young children who are influenced by caring parents and​ other adults who take the time to​ instill a​ sense of​ self worth will grow into confident adults.

Children who do not grow up in​ a​ positive atmosphere, will likely suffer the pain​ of​ low self-esteem in​ adulthood. They will feel badly about themselves and​ lack the confidence needed to​ realize their goals and​ dreams. The worst part of​ all is​ that low self-esteem is​ totally false. Every person​ is​ someone special, with unique talents and​ gifts that no one else can offer.

Convincing a​ person​ of​ low self-esteem that they are special is​ not easy, but it​ is​ essential in​ rebuilding his or​ her sense of​ self worth. How we view ourselves, and​ our accomplishments, will ultimately determine how we act and​ react in​ everyday situations. if​ we expect people to​ think of​ us in​ a​ negative way, it's almost certain​ that they will. on​ the other hand, if​ we think people should value us, they most likely will. Treating ourselves with respect will encourage others to​ hold us in​ high esteem.

Building self-esteem is​ not always easy to​ do, but there are tools and​ programs available to​ help. Some people choose to​ acquire and​ use self-help books, videos, tapes and​ CDs. Others seek professional counseling. Improving self-esteem starts with changing the way you​ think about yourself. By reducing negative thoughts and​ increasing positive ones, you​ will naturally build your​ confidence and​ your​ sense of​ self worth.

It can take time and​ hard work to​ let go of​ negative childhood influences and​ rebuild self- esteem. With help and​ patience, anyone can improve their self-worth. The effort will be rewarded with a​ greater sense of​ value and​ the confidence to​ meet goals and​ strive for​ bigger and​ better things.

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