Bugatti Veyron A Driving Experience Of A Lifetime

Bugatti Veyron A Driving Experience Of A Lifetime

for​ many years the Mclaren F1 was the fastest road car in​ the world, but changes have been a​ foot over the last few years. The latest to​ challenge this​ top spot is​ the Bugatti Veyron. Made by Volkswagen this​ is​ likely to​ be the best driving experience from a​ road car you​ will get in​ your​ lifetime.

Ferdinand​ Piech the boss of​ VW came up with the idea of​ producing a​ car with 1000 horsepower that could do over 200mph, for​ those where money was no object. The outrageous price tag of​ £700,000 or​ approx $1,100,000, is​ only compounded by the fact it​ costs considerably more to​ make. Yes VW, will be loosing millions of​ dollars to​ sell this​ car, which is​ why the opinion​ is, that no other manufacturer would build a​ road car you​ could buy, that would match this​ performance and​ style.

Lets look at​ a​ few figures then;

1001, Horsepower!
14 radiators, Yes 14!!
$3,200 to​ make an​ indicator stalk!
Tyres specially developed by Michelin, $1800 each!
922lb of​ torque!
229 miles per hour or​ 370kph (believe it​ or​ not the normal configuration​ is​ restricted)

But tweak the engine and​ you​ can get;

253mph, which is​ 407.5mph
Ten seconds to​ stop from 250mph!
100ltr fuel tank that can be emptied at​ top speeds within​ 12 minutes!

this​ is​ a​ major achievement in​ engineering, especially from a​ manufacture that does not have a​ background in​ Formula One like Mclaren and​ Ferrari and​ it​ makes you​ wonder what they could achieve if​ they were to​ enter that field.

The car also looks stunning. Without the badge, you​ would not be able to​ tell if​ it​ was Italian or​ German, but you​ would know it​ couldn’t be anything else but these two. at​ certain​ angles it​ looks like a​ teardrop, with only its open grill that looks like a​ goldfish’s open mouth to​ break that line. I fact if​ I had anything bad to​ say about the car it​ would be that I am not sure about this​ front grill. There are some that would say front grill gives it​ a​ “growl”, maybe so. But to​ me the growl is​ too polite, it​ either shouldn’t be there, and​ had kept more of​ its lines or​ it​ should have been a​ “roar”; after all this​ is​ the fastest road car in​ the world.

The aerofoil at​ the back, keeps this​ monster on​ the road, and​ automatically raises itself at​ certain​ high speeds, a​ bit of​ a​ give away if​ you​ are speeding down a​ motorway and​ the policeman following you​ knows you​ are breaking the speed limit for​ no other reason​ than your​ aerofoil is​ up. However the good news is​ there is​ no police car on​ earth going to​ catch you, the bad news is​ it​ wouldn’t be hard to​ track down the owner. First, there isn’t going to​ be many of​ these is​ any neighbourhood and​ second even your​ Granny would turn her head to​ see one of​ these beauties driving down the road.
this​ car promises to​ be one of​ the most talked about motorcar for​ a​ long time to​ come. and​ if​ you​ can’t afford the to​ buy best driving experience of​ a​ lifetime, you​ can at​ least dream.

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