Bring Your Party Theme To Life With The Right Party Decorations

if​ you​ are looking for​ a​ fun excuse to​ throw a​ party, especially after a​ long drought of​ officially sanctioned party days, you​ might want to​ consider some days that are not widely celebrated in​ North America, but are popular nonetheless. Each of​ these events offers some great opportunities for​ decorating.

Chinese New Year: No one has been celebrating New Year’s for​ longer than the Chinese, and​ this​ is​ reflected in​ the 15-day-long event. Chinese New Year is​ a​ great opportunity to​ decorate the house for​ more than two weeks, leading up to​ the culmination​ of​ the holiday, the Lantern Festival. Reds, blacks, and​ yellows are the big colors of​ the day. Traditionally, many Chinese families have decorated their houses with flowers and​ bamboo. Dishes of​ fruit (oranges and​ tangerines), and​ traditional candy trays. you​ will also want to​ include a​ lot of​ Chinese paper lanterns, a​ delicate and​ beautiful addition​ to​ the party décor. Dragons are also a​ part of​ the holiday, but remember that they are considered sacred so utilize this​ theme in​ an​ educated manner. Noise makers area traditional part of​ the Lantern Festival, and​ ward off evil spirits for​ the New Year, as​ well as​ being great party favors.

Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo offers great opportunities for​ party decorations. Lots of​ bright oranges, reds, and​ yellows are the color scheme for​ the day, and​ will add a​ Latin​ flavor to​ your​ house. Look into getting (or making) a​ chili pepper wreath to​ spice things up. Ribbons and​ streamers should be thick crepe, in​ the colors of​ the day. Don’t forget to​ purchase a​ piñata or​ three for​ some extra fun!

Food can actually add to​ the feeling of​ great party décor, and​ the food for​ Cinco de Mayo illustrates this​ perfectly. Layered dip, black bean and​ corn salsa, and​ three-milk cake all add a​ splash of​ color to​ the well-set table!

St. Patrick’s Day: it​ almost goes without saying, but the theme for​ the day is​ green. Buy green balloons and​ shape them like clover for​ a​ great effect. you​ can also purchase shamrock-shaped balloons and​ hang them about your​ house. Hang some Irish flags above the door for​ good luck, and​ use a​ lot of​ green and​ white ribbon. Get yourself some St. Patrick’s Day paper plates and​ napkins and​ your​ theme is​ totally set!

for​ any special occasion, even other than national holidays, throwing a​ party is​ a​ great way to​ relax with your​ friends, neighbors or​ co-workers and​ socialize. These holidays are great because they are so colorful and​ full of​ tradition. Party supplies, that bring your​ party theme alive will make the event unique and​ will be something your​ guests always remember.

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