Brakes First Before Driving

Brakes First Before Driving

2600 deaths each year. About 100,000 injuries that lead to​ being disabled each year.

These are the numbers from the National Highway Transportation​ Safety Administration​ (NHTSA). and​ these are simply the statistics for​ effects of​ crashes and​ vehicular accidents on​ the roads and​ streets of​ the United States. and​ with summer vacation​ coming up, it​ means many families and​ groups of​ friends would be out on​ road trips to​ various places around the country. That is​ why the NHTSA would like all drivers to​ check their brakes before they do go out and​ drive towards any destination.

Brakes are very essential when driving. After all, it​ is​ what makes your​ car stop or​ slow down when you​ are driving at​ top speeds. in​ fact, your​ brake is​ very much part of​ auto safety. and​ you​ should ensure that your​ brakes are still working well and​ that all its components are in​ excellent condition. a​ damaged brake system could actually cost you, your​ passengers, or​ anybody else on​ the road their lives.

The NHTSA recommends that you​ should not hesitate to​ invest in​ having your​ car go through an​ annual brake system analysis. in​ fact, automobile experts really do suggest that the braking system of​ your​ vehicle should be checked once a​ year at​ the very least. you​ should ask a​ technician to​ do this. However, it​ should be just any other technician. you​ should have the braking system checked by one who has been certified by the National Institute for​ Automotive Service Excellence.

It also is​ important that you​ change the brake fluid of​ car for​ every 24,000 miles that your​ vehicle has traveled. this​ decreases your​ chances of​ meeting car emergencies or​ mishaps. By keeping your​ brake fluid fresh, you​ are sure that it​ is​ not contaminated with external fluid that decreases the efficiency of​ the whole system.

Brakes First Before Driving

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