Boost Your Self Esteem

Boost Your Self Esteem

Many people view high self-esteem as​ a​ golden carrot, an​ unattainable goal, something that belongs to​ a​ charmed few. in​ reality, everyone can and​ should enjoy healthy confidence.

you​ have positive attributes, special talents and​ unique personalities, but these good points can be clouded over by negative feedback you've received from others and​ internalized. Recognizing one special feature is​ all you​ need to​ use as​ a​ springboard to​ raising your​ self-esteem. When a​ negative influence brings your​ confidence down, remember your​ key feature and​ remind yourself that you​ are good, better, best.

Sound too simple? a​ major cookie maker built an​ empire using this​ very method. this​ particular woman had reached rock bottom and​ thought that she wasn't good for​ anything. Then someone asked the woman to​ state one thing that she was really good at. After careful thought, the woman answered that she could make one mean chocolate chip cookie. She started baking cookies for​ a​ few local caterers, and​ from there launched a​ major cookie company. as​ you​ can imagine, the woman's self confidence soared right along with her cookie empire.

How you​ view yourself is​ paramount in​ determining what you​ can achieve, and​ where your​ life will take you. Perhaps leading a​ large, successful company isn't what you​ want to​ achieve. Maybe you​ just want to​ be able to​ stand​ confidently before your​ coworkers to​ give a​ presentation​ without suffering immense fear. or​ it​ could be that you​ simply need to​ feel comfortable in​ your​ own skin, and​ not inferior to​ others.

Raising your​ self-esteem might not be easy. Fortunately, there are a​ multitude of​ self- help books, tapes, CDs, videos and​ professional counseling services that can help raise your​ self esteem to​ a​ higher level, make you​ feel more successful, and​ lead you​ to​ achieve your​ dreams. if​ a​ voice in​ your​ head tells you​ there's nothing you​ can do, start talking back. Say "Yes, I Can" rather than giving in. Address your​ self-esteem issues, find the resources you​ need and​ begin​ increasing your​ confidence today.

Reach for​ the golden carrot. Start today and​ soon​ you​ won't recognize your​ old, lowly self. You'll look in​ the mirror and​ see a​ brand​ new soul, glowing with self-confidence and​ ready to​ take on​ the world.

Boost Your Self Esteem

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