Bird Watching Writing What You See

Bird Watching Writing What You See

No bird watcher is​ complete without his or​ her bird watching journals. When you go bird watching,​ you need to​ keep your life list.

The Life List

If you are or​ become an​ avid bird watching enthusiast,​ you’re going to​ need to​ keep records. the​ reason for this is​ you want to​ keep a​ running list of​ the​ various bird species you’ve seen. Since there are a​ zillion species,​ the​ list can become quite long. Frankly,​ it​ becomes a​ life long project that is​ very enjoyable. Trust me,​ you’ll start planning vacations and trips around it. a​ business trip will soon evolve into a​ chance to​ see new species.

Part and parcel to​ your bird watching life list is​ your journal. Some bird watchers combine these two while others keep them separate. the​ bird watching journal is​ used to​ fill out your sightings. Information kept in​ the​ journal includes things like where you were,​ whom you were with,​ the​ weather conditions,​ the​ lighting,​ time of​ day and your overall impressions from the​ sighting.

When keeping your journal and lists,​ you are going to​ have sightings of​ species you’ve seen previously. Most bird watchers will add such sightings to​ their journals,​ but not their life lists. the​ reason for this is​ there may be peculiar or​ significant factors in​ the​ sighting. Perhaps the​ bird is​ not typically found in​ the​ area in​ question or​ perhaps it​ is​ exhibiting some unique characteristic.

New Sightings

When it​ comes to​ bird watching,​ there is​ no greater joy then sighting a​ bird you have never seen before. Often called “life birds”,​ the​ sighting can be added to​ your life list and is​ a​ feather in​ your cap. When you first start watching birds,​ you’ll obviously have a​ lot of​ new sighting. as​ time passes,​ however,​ they will become less frequent and you will come to​ enjoy and value them even more.

Bird watching is​ an​ addictive hobby. Part of​ the​ thrill is​ watching your life list grow and reading through your journal of​ sightings.

Bird Watching Writing What You See

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