Bhakti Yoga The Science Of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga The Science Of Devotion

Bhakti means devotion to​ the​ Almighty. Bhakti yoga deals with devotion to​ God and achieving the​ union with Him. This is​ the​ easiest of​ all yoga types. This branch of​ yoga teaches the​ relation between the​ devotee and the​ divine. it​ does not involve any technical or​ complicated procedures. There is​ no need of​ any intellectual capacity to​ master this yoga. it​ has appealed to​ the​ common man because it​ gives him a​ feeling security and develops a​ kind of​ reliance and dependence on​ the​ object of​ his devotion.

Bhakti yoga assumes that there is​ a​ higher power that has created the​ universe and is​ all-powerful. This power has the​ capacity to​ confer grace and mercy on​ him and thus protecting him from all the​ harms and evils. the​ devotee or​ bhakta is​ expected to​ make himself fit for receiving this divine grace. For this,​ he has to​ practice devotion and virtue. His ultimate goal should be to​ unite with this divine power and rest eternally in​ happiness and peace. the​ devotee surrenders all his motives and acts to​ the​ Divine Power. He renounces all responsibilities towards the​ good or​ bad consequences of​ all his actions and ascribes it​ to​ the​ will of​ the​ Supreme.

Devotion and faith play a​ vital role in​ this branch of​ yoga. the​ devotee or​ bhakta is​ supposed to​ be highly religious,​ should adopt a​ friendly stance towards all the​ other living beings including animals,​ read religious texts,​ concentrate on​ the​ symbol of​ the​ Divine,​ think and wish well for others etc. the​ beauty of​ this yoga lies in​ its simplicity. This has made it​ one of​ the​ most appealing of​ all the​ yoga types. Following this yoga develops the​ peace of​ mind in​ an​ individual. a​ peaceful individual will always think happy and prosperous thoughts and will thus lead a​ happy life.

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