Beyond The Matte And Frame 8 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Beyond The Matte And Frame 8 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Walls

You’re almost finished! The chocolate leather sofa set you​ ordered two months ago is​ in​ place. you​ have your​ coffee table aligned perfectly across from your​ new entertainment center. The antique bird cage in​ the corner is​ just perfect for​ that entrance wall. But you​ notice there’s something missing as​ you​ gaze upon​ your​ newly furnished room. Those pesky blank walls!

We have all been in​ a​ similar situation. Just how do we accessorize what is​ possibly the most important part of​ the room? Well Patricia Buzo, owner of​ Patricia’s Palette, has come up with eight unique ways to​ dress up those boring walls.

1. Supersize your​ artwork with a​ trompe l’oeil wall mural.
A wall mural can do wonders for​ a​ blank, drab space by making the room appear larger and​ more inviting. The term “trompe l’oeil” literally means “fool the eye”. (Smart Tip: Wall murals can be combined with other ideas listed below such as​ # 6 and​ 7.)

2. Embellish your​ blank space with a​ hanging tapestry.
Tapestries can be custom ordered in​ many sizes, bringing in​ a​ sophisticated and​ elegant piece of​ art. These can be made of​ fabric, leather, or​ hand​ painted canvas.

3. Hang a​ stained glass window.
Obtain​ either salvaged pieces from churches and​ old buildings, or​ brand​ new ones made by local artisans. (Smart Tip: Place your​ old holiday lights behind the window to​ make the colors in​ the stained glass really glow.)

4. Accent the area by hanging a​ decorative screen.
By using a​ semi-folded screen you​ can create an​ unusual 3-dimentional accent for​ your​ décor.

5. Create a​ collage of​ your​ collectibles.
These can be anything from scenic photos to​ your​ stamp collection. (Smart Tip: to​ create a​ ‘garden room’ place inexpensive trailing silk plants in​ wicker baskets at​ various heights on​ the wall.)

6. Fool ‘em with a​ ‘faux’ door.
Antique doors and​ windows salvaged from old buildings can be an​ excellent way to​ creatively fill up a​ blank wall.

7. Bring in​ dimension​ and​ texture with fabrics.
Fabric isn’t just for​ windows. Hang decorative fabrics from wall sconces and​ rods to​ create a​ unique “frame” for​ your​ wall.

8. Spruce it​ up with an​ antique map.
Unlike your​ typical schoolhouse maps, these can be applied directly to​ your​ wall without the use of​ a​ frame. (Smart Tip: for​ authenticity any map can be “antiqued” with a​ faux finish for​ an​ old world feel.)

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