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Yoga has simple and effective body movements that strengthen one's back,​ firm the​ stomach,​ and redistribute body weight. Yoga exercises stretch and tone the​ body muscles. They increase endurance and improve flexibility.

Yoga Asanas or​ positions are the​ best among all exercises for toning muscles,​ lubricating joints and massaging the​ body. Yoga postures bring physical as​ well as​ mental stability,​ health and vigor. These Asanas were developed thousands of​ years ago and have evolved over centuries. They work wonders in​ keeping the​ body healthy and the​ mind peaceful. Asanas exercise the​ nerves,​ glands,​ ligaments,​ and muscles. in​ other words,​ yoga exercises are the​ most comprehensive method of​ self care

Although asanas are very powerful,​ the​ effect becomes dramatic when they are done the​ right way. the​ mind must be in​ harmony with the​ body movements. For this it​ is​ essential to​ equip yourself with the​ other tools of​ Integral Yoga.

The aspect of​ Yoga that most people are aware of​ is​ "Hatha Yoga" or​ the​ Yoga of​ Postures. Developing a​ strong,​ healthy and flexible body is​ but one aspect of​ this ancient science. Yogis revere the​ body. However,​ they do this because they realize that a​ weak and tired body is​ a​ hindrance towards spiritual progress. By being mindful of​ their breathing while they practice the​ various postures,​ they train themselves to​ discipline their minds. By disciplining their minds,​ they are able to​ abide by the​ principles which Yoga stands for. First amongst these principles is​ "Ahimsa",​ or​ peacefulness in​ thought,​ deed,​ and action not only to​ other human beings,​ but also to​ all living creatures,​ and most importantly to​ our own selves. Remember this when you tend to​ push yourself into a​ forward bend! You will be able to​ do it​ over a​ period of​ time,​ just be easy on​ yourself.

Anyone can practice Yoga. You don't need any special equipment,​ clothing,​ or​ lessons; all you need is​ the​ will to​ pursue a​ healthier and happier lifestyle. the​ Yoga Postures and Asanas exercise every part of​ your body. the​ stretching involved helps in​ toning your muscles and joints,​ including your spine and your entire Skeletal System. Yoga not only facilitates in​ improving your body but also aids in​ keeping your Glands,​ Nerves and your other internal organs in​ radiant health.
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