Best Year The Year I Homeschooled My Child

Best Year The Year I Homeschooled My Child

Parents are very excited when their children are old enough to​ get started in​ the​ learning stage level one. They are just too excited to​ play dough alphabet and clay with their 3-4 aged kids,​ flashcards with colorful drawings,​ number blocks,​ dress up in​ costumes and plant trees in​ the​ backyard with kids and other activities.

Homeschool helps parents to​ spend time with their kids in​ the​ early stages of​ learning. But one thing they always forget because of​ too much excitement is​ the​ planning of​ the​ homeschool year for their kids. This is​ important to​ track their progress and assess their performance in​ the​ long run. a​ homeschool calendar is​ a​ good tool to​ keep you on​ track and on​ schedule. You can easily make your lesson plan coinciding with the​ schedule you mapped out.

One benefit of​ homeschooling your child is​ you can identify easily and mix in​ the​ calendar family schedules. the​ schedules are not followed strictly like an​ eight hour job. it​ depends on​ the​ activities and availability of​ each family member who may be assigned to​ do the​ teaching in​ certain subjects.

The homeschool year can be memorable depending on​ the​ activities you set for your kids. Learning time is​ also your bonding time with the​ kids,​ that’s why you opted for a​ homeschool approach for your child in​ the​ first place. Another benefit in​ the​ schedule you are mapping out for the​ year is​ the​ flexibility of​ it​ that you can incorporate out of​ town activities or​ even educational trips in​ different places or​ even country. And you decide when is​ the​ best time.

Here are the​ other benefits you will enjoy while your child is​ homeschooled.

• Homeschooling can alleviate the​ problem of​ peer pressure and bullying because your child is​ safe but at​ the​ same time learning at​ his own pace and learning capability.

• Homeschooling is​ not only for those kids who were labeled with “learning difficulties”. Some children just need a​ different approach best suited for them.

• as​ others would have said otherwise,​ research shows that kids who are homeschooled have better social skills.

• the​ best is: your child and you interacting. Your child gets your sole attention to​ himself.

• You are the​ mother or​ the​ father,​ so who has the​ best way of​ educating your child,​ YOU! You know what is​ best and his learning styles. You are the​ best teacher and you can tailor fit your lesson according to​ his uniqueness.

If you think that the​ best place to​ learn the​ essentials is​ your home,​ then homeschooling is​ for you.

Best Year The Year I Homeschooled My Child

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